Western 4-Stroke MX Nationals coming to you “Live”

So, since there will be no Supercross to listen to Saturday night, March 27th we invite you to our party. We will also be On the WWW on Sunday too. Maybe you can win some prizes too, eh?

Saturday March 27 – 6 hours ¿ See below

Sunday March 28 – 6 hours ¿ See below

Live audio webcasting to take place on www.MotocrossLive.com show for Round #2 of the Western 4-Stroke Nationals, March 27 and 28. Producers Bob Davis and Pat Forbes will provide Live webcasting show for 6 hours each day which will start on both days at 11:30 AM, Pacific Coast Time, 12:30 Mountain, 1:30 Central and 2:30 Eastern Time Zone.

Won’t you join in and possibly you could win a Ski Package at Big Bear, California (one given out Online, One given out to the people who visit the booth at www.ThrustMX.com and one other to be given away at the track by W4SN – Spy Eyes products (Goggles and Sun Glasses) courtesy of W4SN to be given out to listeners and emailers that either send in email replies to E-mail W4SN@motocrosslive.com. Please make sure to let Bob know what’s it’s about….

Tonight we will give you some inside scoop on another great Webcast Program located Online at www.ProMotocrossWeekly.com ¿ Click over there and tune in at (9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 AM Central, 7:00 PM Mountain or 6:00 PM Pacific Time Zones each Thursday. On the program will be W4SN¿s Mike Corder, Jason McCormick, Anthony Pocorobba and this just in the WWR¿s Privateer and W4SN¿s Daniel Blair called us to let us know he too will be coming to race at Gorman, CA at the I-5 MX. FYI ¿ Mike Metzger made his debut at Round #1 of the W4SN and after finishing in 8th overall ¿ He is ready to podium! 

If you missed the segment on Tuesday night webcast on www.PitPassRadio.com that is connected directly to ESPN News Radio with the show hosts Tony Wenck, Mark Bonnell and Scott Casher, we invite you to listen in to the archived show. Ricky Carmichael was on the show, as was WWR ¿ Wonder Warthog Racing guru¿s Scott Kandel and Steve Bauer also was onboard.

FYI – It¿s official, we are proud to report to you and ask you cordially to ¿Come Feel the Thump¿ at Round #2 of the Western 4-Stroke Nationals on March 27/28 taking place at the I-5 MX in Gorman, California. Be a vital part of an upcoming television program, ¿Top Dead Center¿ on Spike TV, produced by RTM Productions in Brentwood, Tennessee. ¿Top Dead Center¿ is currently, the highest ranking motorcycle show on Spike TV. More on: www.TopDeadCenterTv.com

A direct cell phone link for callers to add your name to the cookie jar too (call 503-756-4782 and leave a message with Name, Address, Telephone if we are busy). Also, remember, while you¿re listening on www.MotocrossLive.com make sure to give name – spell it – address and telephone # when you email W4SN@MotocrossLive.com. Oh yeah, there is also a Online chat room that he checks from time to time. You can ask him questions and he will relay them to us at the track if you¿re on a modem and can¿t call in at the same time that your Online to the World Wide Web.

Naming some of ourr Series sponsors who have RSVP¿ed and are bringing their Big Rigs so far are Mike Farmer with Maxxis Tires, Mark Hall with VP Racing Fuels, Steve Thinger with CHM System P-4R Exhaust, Danny Massie and Ronnie Lechien at Maxima Racing Oils, Andrew Campo @ ThrustMX, Gregg and Jodi Turner of MotoGrafx (Official Merchandisers), Stratos Suspension, Hangtime Motorcycles, Fasst Co., Sensation Photo, Racer X Illustrated, RTM Productions, MX West, Final Lap MX and so many more. This weekend is going to be HUGE!

You can also go to www.MotocrossLive.comand listen into all the past shows of 2003 of the W4SN. We encourage you to ¿Check out the event in Floresville, Texas¿ (Round #3) when Robbie Reynard and Travis Pastrana guest announced with our own Brian Barnes. Link directly to all the shows indeed.

Thank you “4” all your support over the years.

More on www.4StrokeNationals.com

In special thanks to our Series Title Sponsors, www.maxxis.com, & www.vpracingfuels.com, With great co-sponsorships from www.hootersofamerica.com, www.x-aironline.com, www.maximausa.com , www.fmfracing.com, www.decalmx.com, www.holeshotmarketing.com, www.jakbakz.com, www.biggunexhaust.com, www.seriestracker.com, www.hansens.com, www.MotocrossLive.com, www.factoryteam2racing.com, www.spyeyes.com, www.TerryCable.com CHM System P-4R Exhaust, SixSixOne Gear, DeVol Engineering, Metal-Tek bike stands, Alternative Video Productions of Portland, Seals Communications, Motoworld on ESPN2, Affordable Trophies, Sew Special, Signs Now and Oregon City Signs.

 In conclusion, the businesses to which we would like to express gratitude as well, goes out to the media and partnerships to include, www.ProMotocrossWeekly.com, www.Supercross.com and www.DMXSRadio.com, www.PitPassRadio.com, www.RoyalPublishing.com, www.CycleNews.com, MotorSports News, MX America, www.MXWest.com, www.FinalLapMX.com, Southern Dirt Bike, AMX, Playground, Dirt Bike, Holeshot Magazine, Racer X-Illustrated, all the dot coms, dot nets and dot orgs for the support since our inception.


It’s an unmistakable, unparralled and unbelievable sound and pound that you will never forget. 71 events since we started in 1996, a true thumper-fest.