What Would YOU do for CRÜE?

Are you ready to do something completely nuts to meet the Crüe?

The band that practically defined rock & roll insanity... the one and (thankfully) only Mötley Crüe, is embarking on yet another leg of their box office smash Carnival of Sins tour!

In case you missed ’em last time, I’ll fill you in on the important details: Vince hit every high, and some low, notes; Mick cranked out one amazing guitar solo after another; Nikki is still the red-hot ringleader and Tommy, well he remains Tommy Lee, whether he’s hanging 100 feet in the air pounding on his drum kit or turning a Camcorder on his, uh, robust female fans. There was plenty of booze and babes with big boobs. I came home sans shoes, sans voice, soaking wet and happier than I’d ever been.

What exactly is my point? Oh ... just some FREE Crüe tickets to the show in your town and a chance to get up close and personal with these four maniacal metal legends. All you gotta do is tell the TransWorld crüe how crazy you would get for Mötley Crüe (in 100 words, give or take an expletive) and send a pic of yourself doing what you threatened. We’ll pick a winner each week who’ll get autographed Crüe memorabilia or TWorld gear. At the end of the eight weeks, a grand-prize winner from the eight finalists will get ducats to the show where they live AND the chance to glory in the backstage presence of honest-to-goodness rock gods Tommy, Nikki, Vince and Mick... and we all know how insane that can be. Enter as many times as you want and the wackier the stunt, the better your chance to Meet Mötley! Contestants MUST be 18 or older.

Send all entries to julia@twsnet.com

Good Luck and Crüe You!

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