Team Sobe Suzuki’s Kevin Windham is one of the sport’s most gifted riders. For the past few years, Kevin has not really been mentioned when it comes to being a championship contender, even though he has what it takes to be on the podium every weekend. Kevin, without a doubt, can do things with his bike like no other. The young man from Centerville, Mississippi has more talent than most of the riders in the class. So why are his results not showing what kind of rider he really is? We tried to dig into K-Dub’s head to find out what’s up?

TransWorld Motocross: What’s new this year for you? Tell us what’s going on in your life.

Kevin Windham: Everything is new this season. I am just trying to get things started; unfortunately I was not as prepared coming into the season as I wanted to be. I came in with a broken finger, but everything else was ready. I’m working on myself right now. We have a new sponsorship with Sobe Beverages and everything is just incredible. You’re seeing us up front more often now, and Travis is really riding the bike the way it should be ridden. I’m doing this whole hair thing (Kevin has jet-black hair with red patches in it) and I am driving to all the races this year in my motor coach. It’s totally decked out! I am having fun right now, even though I’m not riding up to my ability. It will come around soon, though.

TWMX: We’re not trying to puff you up, but everybody knows that you are one of the most gifted riders on the track. Does it frustrate you when you don’t do well?

KW: I’ve been hearing that a lot and it makes me mad, because honestly, I try not to be cocky. I know how I ride in practice, and I want to be better for Suzuki, but I want to be better for myself first. Everybody at Sobe Suzuki is working hard for Travis and me. Right now, I really need to do it for myself. I am getting so frustrated! I am confident that I will get things worked out, though.

TWMX: When you grabbed the holeshot at Anaheim II, a lot of people said, “Windham is going to get one!” After a few laps, though, you went backwards. What happened?

KW: I get a little bit caught up in the moment I think, and unfortunately I have been suffering through some arm pump. I need to go out there and ride the race like I ride the test track; I do 20 laps out there with no problem. I get caught up in the lights, the 50,000 people watching and all that stuff. I need to go out there with just me and my motorcycle and not worry about if I’m in first place, 10th place or 20th place. I need to get to the point where I don?t care who is around me, so that I can just ride the track.

TWMX: When other riders get around you, do they affect you mentally?

KW: No not so much. I don’t think that it is one thing; I just let the pressures of racing weigh on my shoulders a little too much.

TWMX: We heard that last month you fired you trainer. What is going on with your training program?

KW: The trainer deal was working out great. I kept great record of what we did and I am still doing the program. I went about it wrong, though, in letting him live at the house with us. Having me, my wife and a trainer living, eating and sleeping together in the same house got to be too much. I needed someone behind me pushing me, but not behind me in my house. It just did not work out.

TWMX: How is your relationship with your teammate Travis Pastrana? It seems like you guys get along real well on and off the track?

KW: He is one of the few teammates I have ever had that I can discuss line selection with. We talk about and share everything with each other. If I found some new breakthrough drink I would tell him about it and if he found some breakthrough thing he would share it with me, too. Together, we really help each other exceed in what we think we can do. Each of us has our own strong points, but when we work together, we both benefit. He does some things better than I do, and I do some things better than he does. When I go out there and I don’t feel 100 percent I will tell him, “You know you can win tonight!” I try to pump him up, just like everyone else at Sobe Suzuki does. Right now he is really on a roll, and he is a good kid. We work well together. We share everything.

TWMX: That sounds like the dream teammate?

KW: He really is. We speak with sincerity to each other. When he says that he wants me to win, he really means it, and vice-versa. I think that kind of showed when we were in that heat race at Anaheim 2, battling side by side. None of that was planed. When we both looked at each other and pointed it was like we were reading each other’s minds. It was a blast! That is the kind of thing that is hard to duplicate.

TWMX: Well, Kevin, we hope you get things worked out soon.

KW: Thanks, it shouldn’t be very long. And thanks to all of my fans who have stuck by me!