What’s New at Ride Engineering

Ride Engineering has moved! We are now at 2060 Placentia unit A1 in Costa Mesa CA 92627. Our new phone is 949 722 8354 & fax is 949 722 8370.The 800 number remains the same: 800 805 1516!

We have been working hard on updating all our applications for 2008 while supplying two factory back satellite teams with new components to make their assault on the 2008 Supercross series.

This is what’s new from Ride Eng.:

Ride Eng. 20MM Offset CRF Triple Clamp Set (ALL NEW DESIGN!)
Now redesigned for 2008 for even lighter weight (1/2 LB lighter!) and to accept the stock Honda steering stabilizer. Further increases cornering ability over stock and preferred by Paul and Jack Carpenter of the new Atomic Race Team. Now also offered in black! msrp $429.90

Ride Eng. 22MM Offset CRF Triple Clamp Set (ALL NEW DESIGN!)
Our rubber-mounted 22mm offset design creates great handling and more weight placement on the front wheel (same offset as 2008 model CRFs). Now redesigned for 2008 for even lighter weight (1/2 LB lighter!) and to accept the stock Honda steering stabilizer. Use our oversized bar mounts to add handlebar adjustability – 3mm forward or 3mm back of stock. Now also offered in black! msrp $429.95 plus $89.95 for bar mounts

NEW DESIGN! Yamaha YZF Holeshot Device 2008
Redesigned to fit the new Yamaha KYB fork. Used and endorsed by Star Racing Yamaha. Light weight, no moving parts to jam, nothing to install on the fork protector. One or more slots are cut into the plastic fork protector allowing for multiple launching heights depending on track conditions. msrp $69.95

NEW! Yamaha YZ250F Front Master Cylinder Cover-RED
Replaces the stock front cover for a customized look. Comes with matching allen head screws. Fits ’07 – ’08 YZ250F & ’08 YZ450F msrp $24.95

YZ85/KX85 Direct Route Braided Steel Brake Line-NEW LONGER LENGTH
Our brake lines will improve stopping power, eliminate fade and lower your lap times. Now 2″ longer to accommodate wider/taller handlebars and wider/taller kids. msrp $61.95 brakeline plus $29.95 for the mount

Yamaha YZF Front Wheel Spacers-RED, New Design!
Ride Engineering wheel spacers are designed to stay put when re-installing your wheels after those dreaded tire changes. Pair these up with a set for the rear. Fits YZ250F ’07 – ’08 & ’08 YZ450F msrp $31.95 front and $31.95 rear

NEW! CRF Billet Ignition & Timing Plugs
Now available in black! They are precision machined for better thread engagement, lighter than stock and can be easily removed/installed with a Quarter. msrp $39.95

Ride Engineering Tee
Now in four colors, black, red, grey and green. Double sided printing, back shown. Medium, Large or Extra Large. 100% cotton heavyweight. msrp $19.95

Visit www.ride-engineering.com. There you will find more product details including prices and all other applications. All the products above are in stock NOW. The entire 2008 catalog is even available in PDF (adobe) format for your immediate print out.