Whitmore Wins WMA Season Opener WMA Pro Racing ¿ Glen Helen Raceway

San Bernardino, CA (May 10, 2004)¿ AGPRacing.com¿s Sarah Whitmore (YAM) won the overall at the opening round of the 2004 AMA/WMA National Pro Motocross Championship Series this past weekend at Glen Helen Raceway, in San Bernardino, CA.

The first WMA Pro Moto went off at 12:00pm Saturday, May 8th proceeding the men¿s 125cc Pro Moto of Glen Helen¿s new event ¿The Prequel¿.  Transworld MX¿s Jessica Patterson (HON) came out of the gate from the far left and railed the right-hand sweeping start closing out her competitors and grabbing the Sick Racing holeshot award. She was followed by AGPRacing.com¿s Tania Satchwell (YAM), Whitmore (YAM), Honda of Houston¿s Tarah Gieger (HON), Stefy Bau (HON), Jessye Davis (HON), and Jacki Short (SUZ). Patterson instantly began pulling away from the pack and stretching out her lead.

Halfway through lap four she had a turn of bad luck heading towards the Yamaha Hill. Her bike stopped running (for reasons undisclosed) and she was unable to complete the moto. Satchwell moved into the lead followed by Whitmore, Gieger, and Davis who earlier passed Bau on the inside line just before the Log Cabin jump. Satchwell maintained her lead for several laps before Whitmore caught up and passed her. The two stayed close. It looked for a while like Satchwell might strike back but Whitmore maintained her position for the win. It was an exciting race. Whitmore was so focused on getting past Satchwell that didn¿t know Patterson had pulled off and that she had won.

While AMA Pro Racers like Millsaps, Brown, Sellards, Hamblin, Langston, Wey, K. Smith, and Anderson were out doing their motos, Patterson¿s mechanic, Eddie Ray, was hard at work replacing her motor. It was down to the wire when Jessica pulled on to the starting line for moto 2. The gate dropped and this time it was 16-year-old Philo Petricig (HON), getting the holeshot in similar fashion to Patterson in moto 1. She led her first WMA Pro Moto for a short while before crashing just prior to the Shoei uphill. Whitmore took over the lead with Patterson on her rear wheel, followed by Satchwell, Gieger, Tamra Madden (SUZ), Bau, Kaide Garret (YAM), and Short.

By the second lap Patterson moved in to first gaining on the pack and finishing out with a strong gap between herself and Whitmore. Satchwell came in second, with Gieger in third. Later at the trophy presentation Whitmore struggled through the interview feeling the effects of dehydration that eventually caused her to go the hospital for an I.V.

Patterson was the strongest rider of the day but, will have her hands full trying to make up the points she lost in the first moto.

As a side note, the Wonder Warthog crew announced at the Rider¿s meeting that they were going to pay (or reimburse) the entry fees for the entire WMA Pro Class (they are all privateers). It was a great motivator for the women.

A re-cap of the WMA season-opener is set to air on the Speed Channel later this month. In addition, the crew from ¿GKA¿ filmed all the action on and off the track for a show to air on Fuel TV. Dates and times will be listed shortly on the WMA website under ¿TV LISTINGS¿.

Top 10 Results:

  1. Sarah Whitmore       4       Yam      1          2
  2. Tania Satchwell    105       Yam      2          3
  3. Tarah Gieger        68       Hon      3          6
  4. Jacki Short          7       Suz p;     5          5
  5. Stefy Bau          211       Hon      8          4
  6. Elizabeth Bash      17       Kaw      7          7
  7. Kaide Garrett       14       Yam      10         8
  8. Jessica Patterson  250       Hon      DNF        1
  9. Philo Petricig     157       Hon       9         12
  10. Jessye Davis       245       Hon       4         17

WMA Points Standings

  1. Sarah Whitmore     47
  2. Tania Satchwell    42
  3. Tarah Gieger       35
  4. Jacki Short        32
  5. Stefy Bau          31
  6. Elizabeth Bash     28
  7. Jessica Patterson  25
  8. Kaide Garrett      24
  9. Jessye Davis       22
  10. Philo Petricig     21

Next Round: Hangtown Classic, Sacramento, May 16th.

WMA is sponsored by: Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Scott USA, Dunlop Tires, Alpinestars, Thor Racing, Rite Tie, Sick Racing, VP Fuels, Universal, Racer X, I Precision, Pro Clean, and AMP Research.