Whoops! Setting The Record Straight On The White Brothers E2 Exhaust

In the July ’04 issue of TWMX (on newsstands now), we ran a Product Report on the White Brothers E2 exhaust. We were impressed with the construction, finish, performance gains, and sound level of the $399.99 piece. We were also impressed with the ability to easily add and remove a spark arrestor, which is perfect for riders who participate in a wide range of off-road disciplines.


There was only one minor problem. While weighing it for the story, we came up with a weight that was four pounds more than the stock Honda silencer that it had replaced. Digital gear is great…when it works correctly, and unfortunately, the digital scale we were using was found to be defective. It has since been “retired” at the hands of a 12-pound sledge.

The weight of the E2 is actually only three ounces more than the stock Honda silencer. Factoring in the correct, weight, we bumped our Product Report rating from its original score of 8, to a very solid 9.5.

Our apologies to our readers and the White Brothers crew. For more info, check out www.whitebrothers.com.