While at this past weekend’s Monarch Moto Super-X Invitational, we caught up with Geico Honda’s Wil Hahn to get his thoughts on the possible renewal of SX Invitationals, which haven’t been seen since the 90’s. Hahn, also explains the feeling of landing on the podium his first time racing in Geneva. Check it all out below.

By: Casey Davis

First off, Donn would like to know why you came out to the Invitational, but not the Transworld Slam.

(Laughs) I don’t have a politically correct answer for that right now. First off, I’ve been on the bike for more than two days. And it’s at Milestone, man. Not Elsinore! Milestone’s a great facility.

How has testing been going thus far for yourself and the team?

Really busy. I’ve also been doing some races over seas, but everything’s been good. No complaints at all.

For today’s racing, only two riders advance from each heat and each semi into the main. Would you say that it’s even more important today to get a good start?

Yeah, definitely. That’s the name of the game for all races, but today it is even more important. It’s a cool format here-something different to mix it up with the shorter races, too.

There really haven’t been any SX Invitationals since the 90’s. What do you think of the possible renewal of Invitationals like these?

I think it’s Awesome! It’ll definitely bring back the local fan base because everyone wants to see a little preview before Anaheim comes. It’s also cool because they themselves can ride and put in some of their own motos and then walk to the other side of the parking lot to see some of their favorite riders battle it out. In my opinion, this is something we really need to bring back.

Geneva went pretty well for yourself. How was it over in Switzerland?

It was a great time! We all had a good time over there and the racing every night is well put together. They really take care of you over there so you don’t have to worry about anything. Plus, my parents got to go! Every trip I’ve made to Europe this year has been pretty special.

How was the food over there? Donn said it sucks.

Well, I didn’t mind the food at all. Donn, though, is on a strict rice only diet, so I could see why he wouldn’t like anything else (laughs). But, yeah, the food isn’t bad. It’s definitely up and down. There are a few things that you end up trying that you won’t want to try again, but that’s part of the experience.

Your first time racing in Geneva and you end up on the podium. How was that?

I thought it was awesome. It is exactly what we went there for and we made it happen. To go there and to do it right with some American riders and some European riders made it a pretty awesome experience.

After all of the travel to get over there to race and what not, is it a good feeling knowing that your training and testing is working out thus far?

Yeah, for sure. I’ve been doing this for a while now and it’s nice to see that everything is coming together and it’s nice to experience new races like that. But, yeah, it is definitely a good feeling to know that everything we’ve been doing so far has been paying off and we’ll continue to do the right thing.

Since this Invitational race is sort of like an amateur weekend race, thinking back, when was the last time you hit a weekend race like this?

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve just shown up to a race in a pickup truck. I’m here in my truck and my mechanic is here in his own truck and I think it’s awesome. We don’t get the chance to do this a whole lot anymore and it’s pretty cool. It’s not such a serious day and it’s just another day for some time to learn the bike, push the limits and see what we can accomplish.