Wil Hahn Injury Update

Wil Hahn

Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Wil Hahn is scheduled to undergo surgery today.

Wil Hahn Injury Update

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On Saturday, January 3, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Wil Hahn suffered multiple injuries in a horrible crash during the early laps of the second afternoon practice session. Of the crash, Hahn remembers feeling as if he had missed a shift, which caused him to case a tricky rhythm section and endo violently. Hahn broke his right humerus (upper arm), just below the plate that was surgically inserted last year for the same injury. He also fractured multiple vertebrae in his upper/mid back, but thankfully has no loss of sensation or motion. Multiple broken ribs, a possible broken collarbone, and a punctured lung round out his list of injuries.

Hahn was transported to a nearby hospital from the track, and is scheduled to undergo surgery sometime today or tomorrow to repair his broken arm. His back injuries will require no surgery as no bones are displaced, and Hahn says that doctors have estimated that he can return to training in three-months. We visited Hahn last night and he was in good spirits, though he looked uncomfortable due to the chest tube that was inserted in his side to help drain his punctured lung.

Get well soon, Wilbur!