Wilson, Martin, Hill Tackle 250 Class | 2014 Las Vegas SX

Photos by Jeff Kardas

250 West Coast Supercross Division

Dean Wilson | 1st Place

This marked the final 250 Supercross of Dean Wilson's career, and the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider made it count in the 250 West Coast main event. A solid start put Wilson at the front of the pack on lap one, just behind early leader Cooper Webb, and through the opening half of the race the gap between the two grew smaller and smaller. On lap seven, the two were dead-even and Webb kept the veteran at bay, but Wilson claimed the spot as they exited the stadium at the beginning of lap eight, rebuked a charge by the rookie, and motored to the checkered flag.

Cooper Webb | 2nd Place

Cooper Webb rode the rear-wheel of his Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha into Sam Boyd Stadium at the front of the pack, claimed the holeshot, and tore off with the early lead. With a clear track, Webb clicked off a series of flawless laps that showed his ever-increasing comfort on a Supercross course. By the halfway point his lead began to come under fire from Wilson, but Webb refused to go down without a fight. While Wilson stole the spot on the start of lap eight, Webb countered with a smart line that forced his competitor to ease off, but he would eventually be passed back before the end of the lap and finished in second place, the best result of his season.

Justin Hill | 3rd Place

Justin Hill was near the front of the field of the start and the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider maintained his third place position for the duration of the moto. Hill seemed to close on teammate Wilson in the early going, but midway through the rookie pulled back and allowed the leaders to pull away. The importance of his start and early laps came to light in the final laps, when the gap Hill built over fourth place proved to be too much for Cole Seely to close in a small amount of time.

Cole Seely | 4th Place 

To close the eight-point gap and win the championship, Cole Seely needed to be nearly perfect in the 15-lap feature. But things appeared bleak off the start when the Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda rider was buried at the rear of the pack in seventh place. The only upside to the situation was that he was next to rival Jason Anderson and that his teammates were just ahead. Seely quickly climbed up the running order and with each pass dwindled the point gap between he and Anderson, eventually landing in fourth place. This would bring the margin between he and Anderson down to five markers, but was not enough for Seely to take the title.

Malcolm Stewart | 5th Place

While his finish may not reflect the effort, Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda's Malcolm Stewart was solid through the main event and inched through the field after sixth place start. In what is said to be his final 250 Supercross, Stewart got by Rocket Exhaust privateer Michael Leib and TLD teammate Shane McElrath to run as high as fourth, but dropped one spot to Seely in the final five laps of the race.

Jason Anderson | 6th Place

Title favorite Jason Anderson entered the event under a cloud of suspicion, as rumor of a chest injury ran through the pit area. That the Rockstar Energy Racing KTM rider opted to wear roost guard fanned the flames, but the eight-point advantage Anderson held going into the night was much more important. He started the race alongside rival Seely, making passes just moments after Seely and keeping the points in check. Once it became apparent that Seely would not be able to make the required amount of passes to take control of the series, Anderson slowed his pace and waited for the final flag. The ride was more than enough for Anderson to take sixth place and with it, his first professional title.

250 West Coast Main Event Results

1. Dean Wilson
2. Copper Webb
3. Justin Hill
4. Cole Seely
5. Malcolm Stewart
6. Jason Anderson
7. Zach Osborne
8. Shane McElrath
9. Jessy Nelson
10. Jake Canada
11. Michael Leib
12. Scott Champion
13. Zach Freeberg
14. Dakota Tedder
15. Preston Mull
16. Chad Gores
17. Blake Lilly
18. Chris Howell
19. Ruben Alanis
20. Colton Aeck
21. Aaron Siminoe
22. Ross Johnson

250 West Coast Regional Championship Standings

1. Jason Anderson 193pts
2. Cole Seely 188pts
3. Dean Wilson 163pts
4. Justin Hill 159pts
5. Cooper Webb 143pts
6. Malcolm Stewart 137pts
7. Jessy Nelson 115pts
8. Zach Osborne 114pts
9. Shane Mcelrath 109pts
10. Jake Canada 83pts

250 East Coast

Jeremy Martin | 1st Place

It was apparent that Jeremy Martin had the speed necessary to win the East Coast class. The Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider was quickest of his division in timed qualifying and started the main event a close second to Justin Bogle. He closed on Bogle slightly with every lap and put himself in position to take advantage of any mistake by the leader. On lap five, the opportunity arose when Bogle's wheels spun upon exiting a corner and Martin blew by with the lead. Martin spent the final two-thirds of the race unpressured and claimed his first career win an impressive 20-seconds ahead.

Justin Bogle | 2nd Place

All Justin Bogle needed to claim the 250 East Coast title was show up for the event, but the GEICO Honda rider attacked the weekend with the same plan as every weekend prior. A stellar start netted him the holeshot and early lead, and Bogle put in his 15 laps with a relaxed speed and fluid style. A mistake on lap five allowed Jeremy Martin to snatch the lead away, which Bogle let go without much concern. With the firs championship of his professional career just moments away, Bogle celebrated the accomplishment with a nac-nac over the triple and coasted to the flag in second place.

Matt Bisceglia | 3rd Place

GEICO Honda's Matt Bisceglia started the main near the front and the rookie displayed his increased stamina through the long moto. Veteran races applied pressure in the opening laps, but Bisceglia appeared unfazed by their attempts to steal the spot away and eventually put over 15 seconds between himself and fourth place. This finish was a career best for the rookie, especially after the numerous crashes that plagued his season.

Kyle Cunningham | 4th Place

Kyle Cunningham is known for having prowess of the hard pack of Las Vegas, and the streak of impressive finishes in the desert continued for the Smartop/MotoConcepts rider. A near disaster in the early laps, which saw Cunningham avoid a collision with JAB Motorsports' Matt Lemoine, did not appear to shake his confidence but the distance between himself and the lead pack was already too much to void.

Jimmy Decotis | 5th Place

The longer the East Coast main continued, the more the pack stretched. Riverside Harley-Davidson/Dedicated Ride Co privateer Jimmy Decotis used the condensed field in the early laps to make a handful of passes and moved into the top-five by lap eight. The distance between than fourth and fifth was more than 17-seconds at the final flag, while Decotis held a 17-second lead of his own over sixth-place Mitchell Oldenburg at the checkered flag.

250 East Coast Main Event Results

1. Jeremy Martin
2. Justin Bogle
3. Matt Bisceglia
4. Kyle Cunningham
5. Jimmy Decotis
6. Mitchell Oldenburg
7. Alex Martin
8. Gannon Audette
9. Jackson Richardson
10. Vince Friese
11. Landen Powell
12. AJ Catanzaro
13. Levi Kilbarger
14. Zack Williams
15. Jacob Baumert
16. Justin Starling
17. Taylor Potter
18. Bryce Stewart
19. John Pauk
20. Kyle Bitterman
21. Matt Lemoine
22. Nick Desiderio

250 East Coast Regional Championship

1. Justin Bogle 188pts
2. Martin Davalos 149pts
3. Vince Friese 131pts
4. Kyle Cunningham 127pts
5. Adam Cianciarulo 120pts
6. Blake Baggett 120pts
7. James Decotis 106pts
8. Alex Martin 100pts
9. Matt Bisceglia 98pts
10. Jeremy Martin 96pts

250 East Vs West Shootout

Justin Hill | 1st Place

Justin Hill controlled the Shootout from the moment the gate dropped, as the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider took the holeshot and streaked away from the pack with the lead. His lead over second place was far from massive, running roughly two seconds for the duration of the race, but this was still more than enough for the class sophomore to take the checkered flag and a carve his place in the field for both the upcoming Nationals and next season.

Dean Wilson | 2nd Place

Dean Wilson started the race in third, but a forceful pass on Matt Bisceglia pumped the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider to second place. Quicker laps times in the last half of the 10-lap main let Wilson close on the leader, but the minuscule amount of time and margin between he and Hill would not close enough for an attack for first.

Jason Anderson | 3rd Place

Jason Anderson had little time to celebrate and regroup following his title presentation, but this would not stop the Rockstar Energy Racing KTM rider from putting in what were arguably his best laps of the night. Anderson inherited third place when Malcolm Stewart suffered a vicious crash in a sand section, and the 250 West Coast champion added a third place finish to his weekend.

250 East Vs West Shootout Results

1. Justin Hill
2. Dean Wilson
3. Jason Anderson
4. Cooper Webb
5. Jeremy Martin
6. Cole Seely
7. Jake Canada
8. Kyle Cunningham
9. Shane McElrath
10. Jesyy Nelson
11. Michael Leib
12. Matt Bisceglia
13. Jackson Richardson
14. Alex Martin
15. Mitchell Oldenburg
16. Landen Powell
17. Justin Bogle
18. Gannon Audette
19. Jimmy Decotis
20. Malcolm Stewart
21. Matt Lemoine
22. Zach Osborne