Win a pair of Sidi Boots!


As nice as she looks in a bikini and boots, our local MX Girl Amber Marie is dying to get rid of these Sidi Force Boots. Wanna win them? All you have to do is make Amber laugh.

Motocrossers for the mostpart are a very style-conscious crowd – and as much as we hate to admit it – none of us were cool from the start. Like skeletons in the closet, we’ve all got a Goon Story or two that relates to our first days as motocrossers.

Like what, you ask? Need examples, you say?

1. Back in elementary school, Robbie Reynard used to wear his new Fox Racing MX boots to school, claiming that it helped him “break them in.”

2. When Damon Huffman started racing, he wore cowboy boots and corduroys!

3. Jimmy Button used to get dressed in his riding gear at home before heading to the track.

4. Casey Johnson slept all night in his first brand-new helmet.

5. Mike Craig used permanent markers to make his rims looked anodized.

Okay, here’s the deal. Come clean, face your fears, and post your best Goon Story on the TransWorld MX message boards. (click the link below) Include your boot size and e mail address, and Amber will read through all of the posts on July 31st. The author of the post that makes her laugh the hardest will win a pair of extra-cool Sidi Force MX boots. Wanna know more about the prize? Check out