Win Ernesto Fonseca’s Oakley Shades!


The good folks at Oakley have released a super-cool Ernesto Fonseca Signature version of the popular Antix sunglass. A portion of the proceeds goes to Ernesto to help him with his life after his spinal cord injury, and another portion goes to benefit spinal cord injury research. To learn more about the glasses, or better yet, to order a pair for yourself, CLICK HERE.

Ernesto and Oakley gave up a pair to give away, right here on your favorite motocross web site, though, so act fast!!!


Answer the following questions correctly, and e-mail your answers to Please write “ERNIE’S OAKLEYS” in the subject line. We will take all of the entries with 100% correct answers, received by 12 noon, California time, on Thursday November 12, and randomly choose one lucky winner out of the bunch. We want to make sure that a true Ernesto Fonseca fan wins these, so the questions aren’t easy! Think you know it all? Bring it on, people!

1. Who is Ernesto posing with in the photo?

2. What is the year that this photo was taken?

3. How old is Ernesto in this photo?

4. What number is on the bike?

5. What is the inspiration for Ernesto’s signature sunglass?

6. What relationship did Ernesto and the rider in this photo have, years later?

7. Where does Ernesto currently work?

8. What is his line of replica motocross gear called?

9. What was the last number Ernie raced with?

10. What is with those pants Ernesto is wearing in this photo?

Hint: some of the answers can be found in the interview video we posted with Ernesto last week.