WMXF to Auction Yamaha 50th Anniversary Yama-Bike

One-of-a-kind bicycle donated by Felt Bicycles, Vintage Iron, Primm Collection and Yamaha Motor Company.

Corona, Ca., (October 4, 2005) – The Women’s Motocross & Supercross Foundation (WMXF) is proud to announce our first eBay Signature Auction; a Vintage Iron Yama-Bike.  The Yama-Bike auction will begin  Wednesday, October 5, 2005 at 9:00 am on EBay at  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eGayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5246392671

This one-of-a-kind Felt bicycle honors the YZ of the 70’s and was on display at Yamaha’s 50th Anniversary party and Dealer meeting in Las Vegas this year.  The Vintage Iron replica bicycle was autographed by most of the attending champions from all racing disciples including; David Vuillemin, Doug Henry, Jason Raines, Randy Hawkins, Rick McWaters, Mark Burkhart, Jason DiSalvo, Chad Reed, Danny Smith, Ty Davis, Brett Metcalf, Kory Ellis, Bill Balance, Aaron Gobert, Heath Voss, Kelly Smith, Brock Sellards and more

WMXF is honored by the generous donation from Vintage Iron, Felt Bicycles, the Primm MX Collection and Yamaha Motor Company.  100% of the funds from this auction are returned directly to our Motocross & Supercross community.  Dig deep, bid high and bid often.

To learn more about this Auction or WMXF, please visit our website at www.wmxf.org.

The Women’s Motocross and Supercross Foundation (WMXF) is a non-profit organization (501 c3) founded in 2003 to enhance the motocross/supercross racing community. WMXF¿s mission is four-fold. First, to support to any racer or crew member who suffers injury as a result of participation in or preparation for a professional motocross/supercross event. Second, the foundation provides support to those in the motocross/supercross community who suffer serious misfortune not directly related to competition. Third, WMXF provides financial support to benevolent organizations that support the sport of motocross/supercross. Finally, the foundation serves as a group of women who contribute to the well-being of families in the professional motocross/supercross community. WMXF will promote fellowship among the teams and represent supercross, the outdoor nationals and the entire sport in a beneficial way.