Women’s Motocross and Supercross Foundation (WMXF) Presents $7,000 to Motor Racing Outreach (MRO) and the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit in Jason Ciarletta’s Name

Corona, Calif., (May 24, 2004) ¿ The Women¿s Motocross and Supercross Foundation (WMXF) announced today that a total of $7,000 was presented to Motor Racing Outreach (MRO) and the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit.

¿We presented $3,500 to each organization at the THQ/AMA Supercross Awards Banquet,¿ said WMXF Treasurer Megan Barnhart.  ¿It was a combination of monies donated to the Jason Ciarletta Fund and proceeds from various WMXF fundraising efforts.  The professional supercross and motocross community has been very supportive of our fundraising efforts for Jason.  Hopefully, these funds will provide a lot of help to both MRO and the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit.  Both organizations provide critical services to our sport, and Jason¿s family wanted them to be the beneficiaries of any monies raised in his name.¿

Jason Ciarletta was a 19-year-old professional supercross racer whose life tragically ended in a fatal crash at the San Diego Supercross on January 24th.  Ciarletta¿s family specified that all monies raised in Jason¿s name be split equally between MRO and the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit.

The WMXF¿s next major fundraising extravaganza will be the Moto-Bowl in September.  Stay tuned for additional information.

The Women’s Motocross and Supercross Foundation (WMXF) is a non-profit organization (501 c3) founded in 2003 to enhance the motocross/supercross racing community.  WMXF¿s mission is four-fold.  First, to support to any racer or crew member who suffers injury as a result of participation in or preparation for a professional motocross/supercross event.  Second, the foundation provides support to those in the motocross/supercross community who suffer serious misfortune not directly related to competition.  Third, WMXF provides financial support to benevolent organizations that support the sport of motocross/supercross.  Finally, the foundation serves as a group of women who contribute to the well-being of families in the professional motocross/supercross community.  WMXF will promote fellowship among the teams and represent supercross, the outdoor nationals and the entire sport in a beneficial way.

For more information on the WMXF, contact Denise Conroy-Galley at 412-980-2336/909-461-8935 or at public-relations@wmxf.org or Shirley Short at president@wmxf.org.