Wonder Warthog Racing¿St. Louis: Daring to Make a Difference Since 2004!

Team Warthog, the non-profit privateer support program being managed by Wonder Warthog Racing, continues to execute upon its mission to help the privateers of our beloved sport.

A total of 38 registered privateer riders qualified for the evening program at round eleven of the THQ AMA Supercross Series, held at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis in front of 49,025 fans, with five of them making the show in both the 125 and 250 classes.

WWR sent checks totaling $4,825.00 to registered and deserving privateers for this event bringing the season-to-date total to an impressive $32,335.00

Last week’s Team Warthog Privateers of the Week, the Fabulous Blair Brothers (www.blairmx.com), Daniel and Vincent, both made the main in the 125 class, qualifying directly out of their heat.   Congratulations boys!!!   And Daniel was impressive in his radio debut, with industry personnel and fans alike commenting on his eloquence and style.

Vincent Blair wore the AMA-approved Wonder Warthog jersey/cape combo on the parade lap.   Vincent looked cool doing the triple but for crying out loud, tuck in your WW jersey next time!!!   And listen for Vincent on DMXS this week, as he missed the show last week due to illness. This coming week Robbie Smith will be the Team Warthog Privateer of the week.

Robbie was kind enough to take an extremely cool photo highlighting Team Warthog and we want to reciprocate his kindness.   Listen for him on Pitpass Radio and DMXS this week, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, respectively.   See his profile and cool picture at www.wonderwarthogracing.com/RobbieSmith.htm.

The first Team Warthog auctions concluded last week and brought in boatload of money for the Team Warthog privateers.   RC and Bubba have both been very generous in supporting these auctions by providing great, rare items to bid on.   See these items at www.wonderwarthogracing.com/auctions.htm.   Other rare items from RC, Bubba, and others will be available soon.   Check it out daily and bid high, all for the good of the privateers. WWR thanks its charter primary sponsors, Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant (www.engineice.cc), Allsport Dynamics (www.allsportdynamics.com), OGIO (www.ogio.com) and the many enthusiast level contributors who’ve stepped up to support our efforts.

The staff of WWR is extremely grateful to their friends at both Clear Channel Entertainment and AMA Pro Racing for their acceptance and help in integrating WWR’s ideas with their existing package of programs designed to benefit the privateer.

Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) is a unique company formed to better the sport of motocross.   WWR is comprised of two distinct entities: Team Warthog, created to conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed directly at the privateers; and Wonder Warthog Apparel, which will sell casual clothes to the mass market based on the Wonder Warthog comic book character, with a portion of the revenues earmarked for Team Warthog funding.

For more information go to www.wonderwarthogracing.com, or e-mail them at:     


Here are the Team Warthog riders that qualified for the night program at St. Louis! We at WWR bow to your excellence!

Barnes, Matt 378
Blair, Daniel 125
Blair, Vincent 157
Brrowning, Willy 156
Campbell, Ted 77
Clark, Ryan 43
Crater, Greg 153
DeHaan, Doug 79
Evans, Tyler 58
Ewing, Dennis 586
Gibson, Jeff 87
Ginolfi, Dave 461
Hadsell, Tyson 84
Howe, Scott 416
Johnson, Isaiah 198
Johnson, Kevin 78
Koch, Michael 898
Lacey, Tiger 221
Lamson, Steve 6
Marsack, Jake 337
Martin, Jake 139
Mason, Brian 70
Metz, Scott 150
Oehlhof, Joseph 57
Povolny, James 64
Reif, Turbo 95
Ripple, Brad 304
Shimp, Jonathan 191
Skaggs, Nathan 270
Smith, Robbie 660
Stiles, Clark 34
Thomas, Jason 38
Valade, Randy 127
White, Bryan 296
Wilson, Jimmy 128
Hill, David 357
Neel, Hans 517
Watts, Taylor 300