Wonder Warthog Wraps Up 2005 SX Title In Vegas!

What title you ask??  For having the LARGEST TEAM in the history of the sport!!!


Wonder Warthog Racing wins a super cerdo (Spanish for pig)-sized SX title!!! And the privateers are duck, covering, and rolling all the way to the bank . . .

Team Warthog, the group of non-profit privateer support programs being managed by Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR), finished the SX season in spectacular fashion.  Much like our French friend (fiend??) Napoleon, who crowned himself emperor, the Warthog himself crowned that Bauer dude ¿Distinguished Benefactor to the Sport¿, all whilst Bauer was on his throne (and he does set the American Standard for such things).  What were some of the ¿crowning¿ achievements??

  • Signed up over230privateer racers to ¿TEAM WARTHOG¿, the largest team in SX/MX history ¿ including 35 WMA moto damsels
  • Paid out $100,195 in cash awards during the SX season
  • Payments have been made already to over 138 noble privateers

We ended the SX season with so many programs that there was something for everybody: Check out website for details of each program.

Privateer Evening Payout Program (PEPP)

Most Improved Privateer Program (MIPP)

The Brett Downey Safety Foundation Awards of Excellence

CASH AWARDED: PEPP 125 Class $30,250

CASH AWARDED: PEPP 250 Class $45,445



Wonder Warthog Winner Bonus (WWW.$100k.Bonus).  This program was a gift to WWR by Cyclelogic Products, alchemists of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, and Proclean 1000, both long-time supporters of Team Warthog privateer programs. The bonus pays any Team Warthog 250 class privateer $100,000 for winning a main event (and it has happened before ¿ privateer Ricky Ryan won the Daytona SX in 1987!!)

HOPEFULLY NEXT YEAR!!!  Thanks EngineIce and ProClean 1000 for such an out-of-the-box program.

Privateer of the Week (POTW)

Ryan Abrigo (A1)
Steve Mertens (Phoenix)
Vincent Blair (A2)
Brian Johnson (San Fran)
Tim Weigand (A3 ¿ and long lost brother of Jason Weigandt??)
Brad (The Nipple) Ripple (Indy ¿ and his home town race)
Donnie (Sporty) McGourty (Atlanta)
Robbie Horton (St. Louis)
Jeff Dement (Daytona)
Willy Browning (Orlando)
Shawn Clark (Dallas)
Eric Nye (The Science Guy) (Seattle)
Jacob Saylor (Pontiac)
Jesse Casillas (Houston)
Turbo Reif (Vegas)

MiniMoto SX Woman Top Privateer Award

$500 was awarded to Jen Krick, the winner of the highly competitive women¿s class at the MMSX in Las Vegas.


In a nutshell, the virtuous circle is working to make Team Warthog programs sustainable as long as they are adding value to the sport. 

Who¿s in this cool sounding circle??

The Privateers, who are still giving it their all

The ¿Ultra-Elite Riders¿ ¿ they are contributing across the board ¿ literally to a man (and woman and their sponsors) in the top 20 of this sport, they¿re giving back and we really, really appreciate it!

Our Primary Sponsors are driving our success! They made ipossible by helping us make sense with dollars.

Clear Channel Entertainment ¿ www.sxgp.com

DecalWorks ¿ www.socalmx.com ¿ Continuing to benefit privateers everyday!

EngineIcewww.engineice.cc – Not afraid to think big and different!

Proclean 1000www.proclean1000.com

Dana K Business Parks ¿ Dana is as generous as they come!

Shift Racing ¿ www.shiftracing.com ¿ If you need gear, you need shift!

Rocket Exhaust ¿ www.rocketexhaust.com ¿ Great things to come from Rocket!

Allsport Dynamics ¿ www.allsportdynamics.com ¿ Keeping privateers safe!

OGIO ¿ www.ogio.com – If you don¿t have an Ogio bag, how do you carry your stuff?

Blue Virtual ¿ www.bluevirtual.com ¿ Technology powering the privateers!

Our Volunteers (special thanks to Jon Kandel, who literally risked his health to make this year work; Chris and Zlatka Lantz¿Our versions of The Rock(s), and the Wunderkind Chad ¿I can make the night program, I swear¿ McCan, and Kirk ¿the Auction Meister¿ Boecker).  Plus you`all, you know who you are!!!  You do make us look good, and that ain¿t easy . . .

The Fans who care about the future of the sport and keep us motivated with kind words and even kinder bids on eBay (hehehehehe),

The Media ¿ Thanks to all the publications, websites, and radio outlets that have allowed us to get our message out.

TFS ¿What else can be said??  He made us real in a virtual way.  Is that trippy or what??  And he made us real in a real way too ¿ the ego mobile is the only waaaayyyy to drive!!

And the rest of the industry, the AMA, and anyone else who wants a lot of good from life and very little evil (just a touch, like Tabasco sauce)!!!


Hear our privateers every week on the Wonder Warthog privateer segments of Pitpass Radio (www.pitpassradio.com) and DMXS Radio (www.dmsxradio.com) shows to find out more about life as a privateer, approximately 6pm PST Tues and Wed.

We couldn¿t have done any of it without the acceptance and help of our friends at both Clear Channel Entertainment and AMA Pro Racing in integrating WWR’s ideas with their existing package of programs designed to benefit the privateer.

You have officially reached the end of this press release.  Do you feel better now??


Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) is a unique company formed to better the sport of motocross.  WWR is comprised of two distinct entities:  Team Warthog, created to conceptualize, fund, and execute meaningful programs aimed directly at the privateers; and Wonder Warthog Enterprises (WWE), which is currently in cryogenic suspension, may one day be defrosted to focus on merchandise and entertainment products such as video games and cartoon incarnations based on the Wonder Warthog comic book character.  By a decree of the Warthog himself, a portion of WWE revenues are earmarked for Team Warthog funding.

Until we meet again, you can visit us at www.wonderwarthogracing.com.