Works Connection Pro Perch with Integrated Hot Start Lever



PRICE: $160


If you look around the pits at any Supercross or National, you’ll see that nearly every pro on the circuit runs an on-the-fly adjustable clutch perch on their bars. Since the advent of the specialized part by Works Connection several years ago, riders have discovered that the adjustability can offer major assistance on the track. In long races or in the mud where clutches tend to heat up more than normal, tightening up excess slack in the cable is as simple as reaching down with your index finger and turning the knob.


Works Connection’s new Pro Perch with Integrated Hot Start Lever for the Honda CRF450R takes advantage of the numerous benefits that an adjustable clutch offers and combines them with Honda’s hot start feature to make one essential product for owners of the new red thumper.

Constructed of 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, the Works Connection unit packs tons of features into a competitively priced product. Sealed ball bearings keep the adjustable perch rotating smoothly, and a small, easily accessible screw allows riders to adjust the lever to fit their finger size and preference. Perhaps the best feature, though, is the nylon sleeve that sits in between the handlebars and perch. The idea behind the nylon piece is to allow the entire unit to rotate on impact, a feature that keeps the $160 setup from breaking in a crash. Besides saving you money, the system will help prevent crash-related DNFs from broken levers, something that most of us have experienced at one time or another.

As always, Works Connection’s quality is top notch, and the Pro Perch looks as trick as it performs. The “Shorty” billet hot start lever works just as well the stock setup and is tucked completely out of the rider’s way, but is still easily reached when needed.

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