World’s Top Extreme Sport Athletes To Race Motocross @ Glen Helen

Honda’s Daron Rahlves, Sunny Garcia and Steve “Cab” Caballero head up the list of celebrities in the “Run What You Brung” race on the legendary Glen Helen Raceway track this Saturday!

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., (May 5, 2003) — In effort to further back the claim of motocross being “The original extreme sport,” the National Promoters Group announced today the line up for the inaugural Thor Celebrity Motocross National @ Glen Helen — one of several events this week kicking off the highly anticipated 2003 AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship.

The Thor Celebrity National — the largest celebrity motocross event ever staged at an Outdoor National — will feature an actual race between professional athletes from many of the extreme sport disciplines, including: competition surfing, skateboarding (vert & street), World Cup/Olympic skiing, big mountain snowboarding, mt. biking, BMX racing, free skiing, freestyle BMX, freestyle motocross, big wave surfing and more. The event will also include a number of athletes from the music industry, all eager to show off their riding skills to fellow motocross enthusiasts — all in the name of helping promote the opening round of the 2003 Outdoor National Series.

“Glen Helen is certainly excited to open up our track to these high caliber athletes/motocross enthusiasts,” said the NPG’s Lori Yarnell. “These guys (and a couple girls!) will get to ride the exact same track just hours before we turn the greatest motocross racers in the world loose for their Saturday pro practice session. They’ll race for some bragging rights, have some lunch at the Thor tent, then get to watch our pros ride. It’s going to be a really fun time for everyone involved and a great way to promote the sport of motocross!”

What: The Inaugural Thor Celebrity Motocross National @ Glen Helen
When: Saturday, May 10th (the day before the Outdoor National opener)
Time: Registration is from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. (at the NPG trailer). A 45-minute practice begins at 11 a.m. and the three-lap main event follows directly after.

The participants in the inaugural Thor Celebrity Motocross National @ Glen Helen are as follows:

  1. Matt Goodwill, pro snowboarder
  2. Sunny Garcia, pro surfer
  3. Tommy Lee, rock & roll drummer
  4. Steve Caballero, pro skateboarder
  5. Tommy Hayden, Yamaha road racer
  6. Daron Rahlves, U.S. Ski Team member
  7. Noah Salasnek, pro snowboarder
  8. Salman Agah, pro skateboarder
  9. Aaron “AV” Vincent, pro snowboader
  10. Dave Metty, pro skateboarder
  11. Ken Block, owner, DC Shoe Company
  12. Robbie Miranda, pro BMXer
  13. Jason Ellis, pro skateboarder
  14. Kevin Vidana-Barda, marathon runner
  15. Carey Hart, pro freestyle motocrosser
  16. Steve Olson, pro skateboard legend
  17. Rick Thorne, pro freestyle BMX
  18. Aaron Cooke, pro BMX
  19. Allen Cooke, pro BMX
  20. Josh Sleigh, pro surfer
  21. Mike Parsons, pro big wave surfer
  22. Brant Moles, pro extreme skier
  23. Marc Peters, pro dozer operator
  24. Phil Tintsman, pro mountain bike racer
  25. Ross Robinson, record producer (Limp Biscuits, Korn)
  26. Steve Graham, pro snowboard legend
  27. Zap Espinoza, Mountain Bike magazine editor
  28. Jordan Burns, drummer for Strung Out
  29. Madona Thorne, Rick Thorne’s wife, skater
  30. Chris Heese, musician, Hoobstank
  31. Marla Streb, pro mountain bike racer
  32. Cameron Steele, ESPN

In addition, members of the motorcycle industry press are welcome to come out and ride with the celebrity athletes. For more information, contact Pat Schutte at (734) 222-0688 or