WWR Privateer Update: Anaheim 1

The Wonder Warthog Racing crew survived their first race weekend in Anaheim this past week, and while there were a few injuries in the group, eight of the eleven WWR privateers made the night show. Scott Kandel tells us the WWR riders confirmed what we talked about in Monday Kickstart; the track was a tough one.

Here is a quick recap of how the WWR team did at A1 …

A1 Highlights
Hog Haven rider Adam Chatfield turned in the best performance of the group; finishing 14th in the Lites Main. Although Charles Castloo just missed the main event, he did grab the Asterisk Medical Card for finishing third in the LCQ.

A1 Lowlights
Too many crashes were biggest problem in Anaheim, Scott tells us. Dana K/WWR Interns Brady Sheren and Chris Blose fell victim to the track, as did WWR’s primary MDK/Lucas Oil/Yamaha team rider, Jacob Saylor. Jacob suffered a hairline fracture of the scapula that will have him out for at least two weeks. Decal Works/P-Lok Hog Haven rider Ty Morrow also had a nasty run-in with the A1 track, ending up with a dislocated his wrist that will leave him sidelined for the remainder of the season.

WWR Supercross riders that qualified for the night program:

  • Antonio Balbi
  • Ted Campbell
  • Jacob Saylor

WWR Lites riders that qualified for the night program:

  • Adam Chatfield
  • Vernon McKiddie
  • Jimmy Hazel
  • Charles Castloo
  • Brady Sheren

We took a few minutes to catch up with Wonder Warthog’s top performer from A1, Adam Chatfield…

TWMX: So tell us how things went for you in Anaheim.
Adam Chatfield: It went pretty good. I qualified out of my heat, which I was pretty happy about; to get it over and done with, ya know. In the main I was up to eleventh, when I crashed and ended up fourteenth.

This wasn’t your first Supercross race; tell us about your racing history.
Actually, I raced Supercross last year for Maistro Suzuki at the beginning of the season, but that didn’t work out so I ended up doing my own thing on Hondas. I made three mains last year; I got a 22nd, a 19th, and a 10th in the mud at Seattle.

How did you end up on the WWR program?
I’m pretty good friends with Dana Kellstrom. He introduced me to the program and helped me out. It worked out good.

So you’ll be riding the West Coast Lites series as a WWR Hog Haven rider?
Yeah, I am going to do the whole west coast series.

We notice a bit of an accent, where are you from, Adam?
I’m from England.

So are you staying here in Southern California?
Yeah, I’m staying with my friend here in California.

Later tonight you’re going to be on DMXS Radio. Have you ever done that before?
Yeah, I’ve done it once before.

You have to watch out for those DMXS guys [BRACKET “laughs”].
Yeah, I know [BRACKET “laughs”].

Do you feel ready to improve on your results even more this weekend in Phoenix?
Yep, I will try to improve. I’ve been working hard this week, putting motos in. Hopefully it will go good; I’m looking forward to it.

As a privateer, we know your sponsors are really important to you. Do you want to mention a few of them?
Definitely! Wonder Warthog, Shoei, Axo gear, Utopia goggles, Pirelli ties, Yoshimura, Crower Power, Wiseco, S.R.H. clothing, EVS, SIXSIXONE, Zeupai Mao, Kim Mao, Jon Burr Cycles, Dr. Bill Lansford, Jamie Foreman from ASV, www.motocrossworld.com engines, and Decal MX.

Sounds good, thanks Adam. Have fun on DMXS and we’ll see you in Phoenix.
Cool, thanks!

You can hear WWR’s Scott Kandel, Steve Bauer, and Adam Chatfield tonight on DMXS Radio.