WWR Privateer Update: Anaheim 2

Anaheim 2 turned out to be a big day for the Wonder Warthog Racing team and one of their intern riders, Chris Blose. Chris became the first WWR Intern to qualify for a Supercross Lites main event this year when he came in third in the LCQ.

Dana “K Kellstrom, founder of the Dana K Internships, said, “We knew Chris was going to break through, the way he’s been working his butt off every week. He’s getting great starts with the MDK Speed motors and I’m sure he’ll improve even more as the season progresses.

Jeff Tomlinson, WWR’s chief of logistics, said the team is starting to work out the kinks that come with running the biggest Supercross team in history. “We finally got over the hump. Everything was new the first week and a lot of the parts came last minute; it was a real challenge to make everything fit. Now I’ve had a couple weeks to put everything together a couple times, and we’ve got everything down to a routine,” said Tomlinson. “It was much easier this week (at Anaheim 2); we even had time to take a lunch break,” he was happy to report.

This week also saw changes in the rider lineup for the WWR team. Brady Sheren was dropped from the Intern program, and although he was offered a spot in the Hog Haven, Brady declined when he found a ride with Team Solitaire. Following Sheren’s departure, Adam Chatfield was promoted from Hog Haven to the intern position. “This was always my understanding of how the WWR system works — work hard and you’ll get rewarded, said 19 year-old Adam. “I feel great about this ride and testing so far shows just how good their bikes are. I’ll be ready in San Francisco, for sure. Additionally, Ramon Guzman joined the Hog Haven riders to bring the team back to eleven after a few riders went down with injury back at A1.

WWR Supercross riders that qualified for the A2 night program:

  • Antonio Balbi
  • Ted Campbell
  • Jacob Saylor

WWR Lites riders that qualified for the A2 night program:

  • Chris Blose
  • Charles Castloo
  • Adam Chatfield
  • Ryan Grantom
  • Ramon Guzman
  • Clay Higgins
  • Vernon McKiddie
  • Brady Sheren

You can learn more about the Wonder Warthog Racing program at www.wonderwarhogracing.com.