WWR Privateer Update: San Diego

Last weekend in San Diego, Wonder Warthog Racing Intern Jacob Saylor landed his first appearance of the year in a Supercross class main event. Saylor, who is the primary rider on the MDK/Lucas Oil/Yamaha team transferred into the main directly from his heat race.

Fellow Dana K Intern, Chris Blose also skipped the LCQ and went straight from an eighth place finish in Lites Heat number two, into the main event where he finished 17th. Also making the lites main were two WWR Interns; Ryan Grantom and Vernon McKiddie. Ryan finished the main in 20th place, while Vernon came in 18th.

With four riders in the main events, San Diego turned out to be a great weekend for the WWR team, and they have now placed seven different riders in a total of seventeen main events.

Once again, all ten of the WWR riders qualified for the evening program in San Diego:

  • Antonio Balbi
  • Chris Blose
  • Ted Campbell
  • Charles Castloo
  • Adam Chatfield
  • Ryan Grantom
  • Ramon Guzman
  • Clay Higgins
  • Vernon McKiddie
  • Jacob Saylor

With the start of the East Coast Lites Series this weekend in Atlanta, the Wonder Warthog crew will welcome two new interns and eight new Hog Haven riders. Check back here at transworldmx.com for an update on how they do. Also, remember to visit www.wonderwarthogracing.com for more info on the team.