WWR Privateer Update: San Francisco

The success continued to build for the Wonder Warthog Racing team at the fourth round of the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series in San Francisco, CA last weekend. Nine of the Interns and Hog Haven riders qualified through the rain-shortened timed qualifying to get into the evening program, and two of the interns made their way into the Lites main event. Chris Blose made his second straight Lites main, and Adam Chatfield—who was recently promoted from Hog Haven to the intern program—made his second main event of this season as well.

Vernon McKiddie was another bright spot for the WWR crew in San Francisco. Vernon “Skittles” McKiddie qualified for the main out of the DeCal Works/P-LoK Hog Haven pits. Vernon’s solid performance earned him a spot on DMXS Radio this week, where David Izer and the boys gave Vernon his new nickname.

WWR Riders who qualified for the evening program in San Francisco:

  • Antonio Balbi
  • Chris Blose
  • Charles Castloo
  • Adam Chatfield
  • Ryan Grantom
  • Ramon Guzman
  • Clay Higgins
  • Vernon McKiddie
  • Jacob Saylor

Chris Blose continued to improve on his season with a second straight appearance in the Lites main event in San Francisco, and improved on his overall finishing position from Anaheim 2, with a 14th (Chris finished 18th at A2). Chris was back in Southern California, preparing for Anaheim 3 when we caught up with him…

You’ve had two solid weeks in a row now, Chris. Why don’t you update us on how things went for you at A2 and last weekend in San Francisco?

The last two weeks have gone pretty good. At A2 I got third in my last chance qualifier and went to the main, where I got a bad start. I really couldn’t do much with it, and ended up 18th. Going to San Francisco I felt really good, and I got to the main through the LCQ. Because of my fourth place in the LCQ I had to start from way outside, so I ended up getting another last place start. But I just kept up a good pace and a lot of people started to fade out, so I ended up getting 14th.

Do you feel like your endurance helps you?

Yeah, I definitely feel my endurance is a lot better than what it was when we started out at A1. I just kept my pace and some people started to fade.

During your DMXS interview earlier this week, they commented about how stacked the West Coast Lites series is, and that just making a main is a victory. Would you agree with that?

Definitely. The West Coast is a hard series this year; there are a lot of fast guys. From Villopoto, to Troy Adams, to Justin Keeney; I mean there are just so many fast people that are all right there, it makes it hard. It’s all about getting a start and trying to stay there.

Do you feel like you’re making progress?

I feel good about my performances. Obviously the West Coast is really hard, like I was saying. I expected myself to be making mains before Anaheim 2, but we got a late start and just started to get rolling after we started making the mains. I feel that if I’m getting to where I set my goals, hopefully by the end of the season I can get a top ten. That was my big goal for this year.

It definitely sounds like you’re moving towards that. The Warthog team is interesting in that it’s one of the only teams out there, who’s goal is to see their riders move on to other teams. Do you see yourself moving to a bigger team, or are you even thinking about that right now?

I definitely think I can get on a bigger team. It’s a cool program, because if any team wants to come an pick you up, like Yamaha of Troy, Wonder Warthog Wants that to happen. They want us to move on to bigger and better teams. I think with they way I’m going, progressing each week; I’lll have a chance to do that.

Has being on the Wonder Warthog team been a big help to you?

Yeah, for sure! Last year I had to worry about how I was getting to the races, what I was eating at the track, and stuff like that. But here, they have a nice rig and our bikes are transported for us, so it’s pretty much like a factory team, without the factory backing.

For our readers that don’t know you, give us a quick history lesson about yourself.

I’m from Phoenix, Arizona and I’ve been racing pro since I turned sixteen; just local pro races and stuff like that. I got my AMA pro license two years ago, and I’ve been racing ever since. Last season was when I first started racing Supercross. My best finish was a 13th last year, so hopefully I can beat that this year. I’m just loving it.

Give a quick shout out to your sponsors.

I’d like to thank Lucas Oil, Yamaha, MDK, P-Lok, Decal Works, Dana K, Sidi Boots, O’NEAL gear, Blur goggles, Volition clothing, MyMotoSpace.com, Barnett clutches, and MB2.

Cool. Good luck this weekend in Anaheim, Chris.

Awesome, thank you!

Check out more about the Wonder Warthog Racing team at their new website: www.wonderwarthogracing.com.