WWR Privateer Update: St. Louis

Only two weeks into his professional racing career and WWR Intern Kyle Tobin is already turning in impressive results. After a tough week in Atlanta, Kyle came into St. Louis determined to turn in the results he is capable of, and he did just that as he set the fastest time in his second practice group and transferred directly to the Lites Main Event with a seventh place finish in his heat race. Once in the main, Kyle rode much smoother than he did in Atlanta, and turned in a solid thirteenth place finish.

Seven WWR riders qualified in the night program (Zach Ames, Antonio Balbi, Ted Campbell, Dave Ginolfi, Jacob Saylor, Kyle Tobin, and Bryan White), but only Tobin made it into the main event.

We spoke with Kyle yesterday while he was resting up for today’s race in Daytona…

TWMX: Let’s start with last week. You had a great practice session, a good heat race, and a solid main event performance. Talk to us about that…

Kyle Tobin: It was really good. I started feeling more relaxed and just went out there and did my thing. I went out with the second fastest time in my first practice, and in the second session got the fastest time and just went from there. In the main event I finished 13th. I was in eleventh or twelfth for quite a few laps and then a couple guys got by me, but I finished up 13th.

And this was only your second Supercross race, is that right?

Yeah, my first was in Atlanta.

You probably can’t ask for much more from only your second SX race…

I was very happy with how I did. I didn’t know what to expect going into it, so I just wanted to try to stay relaxed and do my best. I kind of surprised myself actually.

Coming into the season, how were you expecting to do?

My goal was to make every main. I didn’t really set a goal for where I would finish in the main. Like I said, I just wanted to do my best once I was there.

Did you make the main in Atlanta?

No I didn’t, I actually missed it by one spot. I was super nervous; there were people everywhere, and I was just rode really tight. Then in St. Louis my concentration was better and I was more relaxed and having fun.

How long have you been racing pro?

I’ve been racing the amateur nationals for four or five years now. I’ve been to Loretta’s, Texas, Mini O’s, and World Minis. This is my first year pro, and I rode pro class in the amateurs for one year as well.

Did you ride many Supercross-style tracks when you were an Amateur?

No, didn’t really do much Supercross riding. I stuck mainly to the outdoors and put a lot of training into that. Supercross is totally new for me; I just started training a few months before the East Coast Series started.

Where did you do most of your practicing before the season?

I do a lot of riding at Davi Millsaps’ house, and also at MTF, which is about 25 minutes from my house. I’ve been lucky to have Colleen and Davi help me out.

Have you known the Millsaps for a while?

I’ve known Colleen and Davi for quite a while through amateur racing, and going to MTF. I did quite a bit of training with Colleen through 2004 and ’06. Colleen has definitely helped me focus on my weaknesses and try to improve on them.

I know your goal was to make mains and then do your best, but are you hoping to improve on 13th and maybe break into the top ten in Daytona?

That would be really good for me. I would be very pleased if I could pull a couple of top tens by the end of the season. It would help me make a name for myself and move on to a bigger team for the outdoors.

Cool. Well, Kyle, we always usually wrap up these interviews by asking you to thank your sponsors…

I want to thank my mom and dad for getting me as far as I’ve gotten; the Wondder Warthog guys, Steve Bauer, Dana Kellstrom, and Scott Kandel; and Bob Hannah, Keith McCarty, and Mike Guerra for helping me out with my Supercross endorsement. I also want to thank Yamaha, O’Neal, MDK, Decal Works, Dr. D, EBC, Michelin, Hotcams, Enzo, and Vortex. All my sponsors are awesome.

Good luck in Daytona, Kyle.


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