X Games Madness!


Freestyle motocross exploded this weekend at the X Games in Philadelphia. Each day there was a new winner, but the biggest talk of the weekend centered around Carey Hart’s second attempt at the back flip.

This time there was no speculation as to whether or not Hart was going to go through with it–Carey let everyone know that it would be his first and only trick of the weekend.

All eyes were on Hart as he sped towards the ramp, but just inches into flight, his hand flew off of the bars. Unfortunately, Carey had too much speed and momentum to get off of the bike anywhere near the ground and launched into orbit. Hart reacted well to the get-off and luckily was smart enough to push the bike away in mid-air, but he was still nearly 40 feet off of the ground. He landed right-side-up, but the impact was enough to seriously injure Hart. Initial reports showed a broken foot, broken ribs and an injured pelvis.


Other big action over the weekend was Clowers’ defense of the gold in the step-up competition. It came down to Tomcat and Pastrana at the end, but Travis just didn’t have what it took to make it over the 33-foot-high bar. On a side note, Clowers went through the entire contest without hitting the bar once (riders are allowed two tries before being knocked out of competition).

As for the freestyle competition, once again Pastrana killed the field with the smoothest, most fluid run of the weekend. Travis had his RM125 screaming as he hit nearly every jump on the Dane Herron-designed course, which featured a huge variety of transfers and gaps. Look for complete coverage and a full sequence of Hart’s flip attempt in an upcoming issue of TWMX.

Freestyle:1. Travis Pastrana2. Clifford Adoptante3. Jake Windham

Step-Up:1. Tommy Clowers2. Travis Pastrana3t. Jeremy Stenberg3t. Collin Morrison3t. Ronnie Renner3t. Kris Rourke

Big Air:1. Kenny Bartram2t. Dustin Miller2t. Brian Deegan2t. Mike Jones5. Dan Pastor