Competition kicked off inside the Staples Center yesterday for X Games 15 with Best Whip and Step-Up. Todd Potter successfully defended his Best Whip crown, while Ricky Carmichael and Ronnie Renner tied for gold in Step-Up, though Carmichael wadded up in his final attempt to overtake Renner.

Potter’s victory in Best Whip came thanks to 42% of the texting vote (that’s right, the winner was decided by text message from viewers). James Stewart came in second with a distant 21%, while Carmichael rounded out the top three with 17% of the vote.

Name                                               Hometown                                     Vote %
1) Todd Potter                                    Temecula, CA                                      42%
2) James Stewart                               Haines City, FL                                      21%
3) Ricky Carmichael                            Havana, FL                                          17%
4) Josh Grant                                      Riverside, CA.                                      10%
5) Myles Richmond                            Cherry Valley, CA                                  6%
6) Ronnie Renner                               Tampa, FL                                            4%

In Step-Up action, Brian Deegan was the first to be eliminated at 26ft, but Kevin Windham soon caught the crossbar after 30ft. It finally came down to Renner and Carmichael, who kept the crowd on their feet with every attempt. They exchanged 33 and 34 ft relatively easy, but 35 ft was not in the cards for either one of them. In fact, Carmichael was ripped from his bike and slapped to the ground during his final attempt. Though it was a scary crash, the G.O.A.T. eventually got to his feet and made his way off the course.

Name                                          Hometown                               Height
1) Ricky Carmichael                       Havana, FL                                34.00 feet
2) Ronnie Renner                           Tampa, FL                                34.00 feet
3) Matt Buyten                               Minden, NV                               33.00 feet
4) Jeremy McGrath                         Encinitas, CA                            32.00 feet
5) Kevin Windham                        Centreville, MS                          30.00 feet
6) Brian Deegan                             Bellevue, NE                             26.00 feet

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