Yamaha Announces 2007 Motocross & Off-Road Contingency Program

Cypress, CA (January 12, 2007) – -Yamaha Motor Corp., USA is proud to announce drastic increases to their 2007 Motocross and Off Road Contingency program. Supporting Yamaha YZ and WR racers nationwide, the 2007 program has undergone major changes, with increases in number of events, individual payout levels, and total postings per event.

The total posted dollar amount has been increased by over 35%, now totaling in excess of $11,000,000. In an effort to reach more racers, Yamaha’s largest ever program posts contingency at eligible events such as, Supercross, Motocross, Dirt Track, Off-Road and Supermoto. The biggest news, however, benefits amateur racers nationwide! Yamaha has drastically increased the payout amounts for local races and regional series events, paying higher amounts to top finishers.

“Amateur racers are the backbone of our sport, explains Yamaha Racing Manager Mike Guerra. “The large pay increases for top Yamaha finishers help racers financially and will further support them at the grassroots level.

For detailed information, please visit 2007 YZ/WR Contingency Program for event, race, and individual payouts.