Yamaha Factory Motocross Team To Celebrate 50th Anniversary At Unadilla

Cypress, CA (July 12, 2005) ¿ In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Yamaha Factory Motocross Team¿s stable of YZ450Fs will feature the yellow and black retro colors that graced many past Yamaha champion machines. Conjuring up images of Ricky Johnson, Mike Bell, Ron Lechien, Rick Burgett, Broc Glover, Gary Jones, Pierre Karsmakers and Marty Moates, the tribute to the 50th anniversary makes its exclusive appearance at the Unadilla National July 17, 2005.

Who could forget one of the most recognized photographs of all time when Bob ¿The Hurricane¿ Hannah was launched, with feet and legs completely off his bike, out of infamous Gravity Cavity on his Yamaha? Motocross enthusiasts will enjoy a race down memory lane as Team Yamaha will once again circulate the infamous Unadilla circuit on yellow/black YZs. 

¿Yamaha recently introduced the Limited Edition Yellow/Black 2006 YZ450F and the response was overwhelming¿ explains Yamaha¿s Terry Beal. ¿The Factory boys couldn¿t wait until 2006 to race the yellow/black so Unadilla, with its racing heritage, became the perfect backdrop for the Factory Team this year.¿