Yamaha Rider Tim Ferry Out For St. Louis Supercross

Diagnosed with the Esptein-Barr virus, physicians say Ferry is “physically unable” to race supercross ¿ will undergo more tests next week to help determine his return

FLORENCE, Ky. (March 21, 2003) ¿ Team Yamaha’s Tim Ferry announced today that he will not attend this weekend’s supercross race, Round 11 of the THQ Supercross Series at St. Louis’ Edward Jones Dome. Battling fatigue and flu-like symptoms for much of the season, Ferry on Thursday was diagnosed with having two viruses, the more common of the two being the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). The virus has settled into Ferry’s respiratory system and has created a number of problems for the veteran rider, including a spell of fatigue that – after his hard-fought third place at Daytona ¿ left him bedridden for nearly three days.

“This has been just terrible,” said Ferry. “I’m devastated. This is the first time I’ve ever been in the top five overall in supercross and things, for some time, felt as if they were really coming together for me. I think this virus came about after Anaheim 3 when I had that abdomen injury. I really started to notice it at Minneapolis, fought through it as best I could for several races then hit the wall after Daytona. My strength is tapped to the point where I felt it wasn’t even safe to be out riding. At Daytona I was starting to feel faint towards the end of the race. And that’s no shape to be in when you’re trying to chase down the world’s fastest supercross racers.”

According to Ferry’s physicians (one in Florida, the other in California) and personal trainer, Jeff Spencer, the viruses have left Ferry unable to train properly during the week, thus preventing him from riding at 100-percent. Said Ferry: “These viruses seem to be as much a mystery to the medical field as they are to me. Though it’s no fault of my physicians or my trainer, I’m not getting the answers I’d like.

“A broken leg I could handle. Not knowing how long these viruses will last and the duration to which I need to sit out is going to be very frustrating.”

Regardless – at the advice of his physicians – Ferry will sit out this weekend. More tests will be done next week to try and help determine when he will return to racing. Spencer will see to it Ferry adheres to a very strict program that will allow his body to recover from the virus, which according to Spencer, will not allow Ferry’s heart rate to get above 130 beats per minute. This makes riding a supercross track impossible, yet should speed the recovery process.

“It’s very disappointing from our standpoint,” said a dejected Keith McCarty, Racing Division Manager for Yamaha Motor Corporation. “But we certainly understand about Tim being sick and we want him to get healthy. So we’ll be supporting his needs, see to it that he takes some time off and take this on a week-to-week basis.”

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