Yamaha Standard Hour Meter

[IMAGE 1]APPLICATION: All bikes (yes, even non-Yamahas!)
PRICE: $37

Last year, Doug Dubach of Yamaha R&D and Dr. D Racing fame installed a wet sump conversion kit on our Yamaha YZ250F test bike. Doing so cut three pounds off our bike’s weight, but it also required us to keep a much closer eye on our motor oil. To help, Doug slapped on a cool little hour timer that helped us keep an accurate tally of just how much time was on our current oil.

That’s when we got to thinking: the little hour meter isn’t only good for the YZ250F with a wet sump kit installed--it could help us keep track of how much time was on all of our test bikes! Installing the hour meter is simple: just find a place to mount it (using double-sided tape or safety wire) and wrap the small sensor wire around your spark plug wire. As long as your bike is running, the hour meter will tick-tock away, keeping track of time in 1/10ths of an hour. Think about it: how often have you wondered just how much time you had on your clutch or top end? This little gadget can eliminate all of the guesswork and make maintaining your bike a whole lot easier.

We’ve ordered up a dozen of these goodies for our whole fleet of test machines. Just because it’s a Yamaha product doesn’t mean that it won’t work on our Hondas, Kawasakis, KTMs and Suzukis!When you pick up your new ’03 machine, consider picking one of these babies up. Your bike will thank you for it. See your local Yamaha dealer and ask for the Standard Hour Meter, part # ENG-HOURS-00-00.