Yamaha to sponsor the X Arena at the XGames Xperience

CYPRESS, Calif., (June 23, 2003) – – Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA is proud to announce its sponsorship of the X Arena at the X Games Xperience at Disney¿s California Adventure. This summer, the best skaters, bike stunt riders, in -liners and freestyle motocross riders will thrill fans from July 1st through August 10. The athletes performing will have fans holding their collective breaths as if they were rocking through the California Screamin¿ rollercoster at Disney¿s California Adventure as they see up close and personal these ESPN X Games stars.

Yamaha motorcycles and ATVs will be on display in the specially- constructed freestyle X Arena and in the Esplanade area between Disney¿s California Adventure park and Disneyland park. Fans will also have the opportunity to win one of five Yamaha TTR125LE and one of five Yamaha Blaster ATVs. Yamaha will also give-away hats, shirts and other Yamaha accessories during the Moto X pre-show adding to this incredible event. Plus, fans can sit atop a Yamaha YZ250, emulate Yamaha¿s Trevor Vines, and have a picture taken as if they themselves are jumping freestyle. Yamaha¿s own, Trevor “From Wherever” Vines will be performing from July 28 through August 3rd.

The show will run four times daily with six freestyle moto-x riders at a time to entertain the crowd, many of whom have never seen what these riders and modern motocross bikes are capable of jumping. After each session, the fans will be able to meet with some of the riders, get up close and personal and even pick up a few autographs along the way.

For additional information, a list of the athletes and performance schedules, log onto www.disney.com.