Zach Bell & Jake Canada: Off-Season Update

Zach Bell: Off-Season Update

Despite the fact he missed a majority of the year, Zach Bell's rookie season will not be forgotten any time soon. The GEICO Honda rider smashed his way into the public memory with the stomach-turning impact at the opening round of the 250 East Coast Supercross championship, then had a series of crashes through the following rounds of the series. A shoulder injury from a Toronto crash required a short amount of time off the bike, but Bell was back on the starting line when the Nationals began at Hangtown. The comeback lasted only a short time, as it was revealed that the injury was far more severe than what was first believed, and required a surgery with a summer of recovery.

"I finally got everything repaired in my shoulder after Hangtown, and it was a four month process of healing with some physical therapy. Now I'm back on the bike and we're doing some testing, and it's going great. We're doing a bunch of different things like suspension, sub frames and tires; all around it's going to be a busy time."

"There was an AC joint separation, and pretty much everything in my shoulder that could be torn was. No one saw it because they don't let you see the results the first time, and it was a bummer going into Hangtown thinking I was prepared and my shoulder wasn't. Now that we have it fixed, it's time to move on and think about bigger things."

"After Toronto, I couldn't move my arm for a couple of weeks and it was weird. I would try to lift it and it wouldn't move, so I knew that there was something wrong. I finally got an exam on it and I guess they didn't look too far into the results because they didn't see anything. They told me to take a couple of weeks off and I would be back at it, so I tried that and it didn't work out for me. I was bummed for the team because they put in all this work for me and I didn't put in the results. But now it's time to look forward and put all of that behind us."

"I pretty much just trained myself over the summer. I was training with Ryan Fedorow when I was in California, and it wasn't working out because I wasn't out here a lot. But now I'm with Gavin Gracyk and we're doing a lot of strength training, so I've been preparing to get a little bit bigger than the bike so that it's not throwing me around [Laughs]. Over the summer I went to the beach with some friends and it was hard to watch the outdoor races while I was hurt, but that's the past and now we can move forward."

"Gavin is a hard worker. I've been with him for a couple of months now and the stuff that we have done has helped me out a lot on the bike. As far as fitness, I'm still working on that with my shoulder because I wasn't able to anything. I've been doing a lot of surface and weight training getting into the season, so now it's all road biking and running, doing everything that I can to prepare for Anaheim 1."

"Right now my shoulder bothers me if I extend it too much, but I'm just going little by little."

"We started off with the 2013 just to get used to the track and then we jumped to the 2014, and obviously I loved the 2014. It wasn't a big change for me because the suspension felt pretty similar, but the motor and the suspension are great."

"I'm going home for a little bit, then I'll be out here for testing and photo shoots until Anaheim 1. And if I race West Coast, I'll be here full time until the Nationals."

Jake Canada: Off-Season Update

This past summer was eventful for Jake Canada, but the Southern California rider has rebounded nicely by landing a ride with the 51Fifty Energy race team and signing up for the offseason races of the German Supercross series. He claimed a win at the first round in the tight confines of Stuttgart riding a stock bike, a surprise victory for many. Canada will spend the next weeks racing as a privateer in Europe and testing with the 51Fifty team in the United States for the approaching Supercross season.

"I'm getting everything worked out on the Honda; it's my third day on it because I've been riding that Kawasaki and getting ready for Germany and I rode a Kawasaki 450 over there. Now I'm just getting the ball rolling on the Lites bike and know what the plan is for A1. We're doing some testing and suspension with the guys from AHM and getting it dialed in. It's good that I went to Germany and got the win, because it'll help with confidence and stuff like that, so I was pumped to race over there. It was a good warm up."

"The German tracks are like a souped up Arenacross track, but they're always different and the dirt is like Play-doh. It's definitely different and tight but they have some pretty good whoops."

"I think I need to think of something better to do on an international trip because it sucks. It was a 15-hour flight home and we only had two movies on the iPad, which didn't help [Laughs]. It was super boring."

"I have two more times to go back to Germany. I'm just doing the first three, because the last one is during Phoenix and I can't make that one. But if I keep winning, they said I could wrap it up early."

"The 51Fifty team is going good. Jeremy Coker, Christian Craig's brother, is the team manger and we are getting some good stuff. I think that the team is going to be a lot more noticeable and get a lot more attention this year. It should be really good.

"I'll race 250 West Coast Supercross rounds and probably the first three outdoors rounds. If I do well, then I'll try and figure something out to do the rest of the outdoor season."