Name That Plate

This week’s tip will probably fall under the “that one was obvious” category for many of you, but after going through our photos last week during World Mini, it’s obvious that not everyone has thought of this one.

So what is our tip, you ask? It’s an easy one… Put your full name on your number plates. That’s right, it’s that easy.

Now, we know you’re asking yourself, “Why is this so important that TWMX would devote an entire Tuesday Tip to it?” Well, at large amateur national events, where industry magazines and websites are shooting photos of hundreds of riders, and real time results are limited or nonexistent, it is very helpful to be able to zoom into a photo and grab the name of the rider off their number plate. Although a lot of the riders at amateur events these days are increasingly becoming household names — well, in MX households anyways — unfortunately there are just too many riders and too many numbers to memorize. Not to mention some amateur races may require a number change or modification.

But this tip isn’t for entirely selfish reasons — although we admit it would make our jobs easier — the real benefit is to the up-and-coming amateur; to ensure that when a photo of them is run on a website their full name appears in the caption and they get the most benefit out of the exposure.

Like we said, this is definitely an easy one; and if you’re already doing this, then you probably haven’t read this far down. But if your name isn’t already on your plates, it’s time to call up your favorite graphics company and order a new set of numbers. Be sure to check the rules at the event you are planning to race, as some promoters limit what may appear on your number plates.