(Extended version includes reps, sets, technique, and rest)

San Diego, Ca

Eli Tomac exemplifies the training, riding and nutrition regimens available at rynopowergym.com.
His recent workout video with trainer Ryan Hughes got over 50,000 views on You Tube. We
made an extended version of the video, complete with the exact exercises, all explained in detail
on video by Ryan Hughes working alongside Eli himself. This video is available to members of

"Every time I come to Ryno's there is a lot of motivation and energy there. It's just a really good
program!" says Eli Tomac.

Ryno Power Gym is a complete website featuring Ryan Hughes' training in video form. It includes:


Gym Movements

Complete Workouts


Complex Riding Techniques

Recipes Nutrition

Monthly updates

& More!

You can subscribe to the website for $19.95 per month or $129.95 for the year! ($10.83/mo)

There is a printable chart with thumbnail pictures of each movement, the number of reps, number
of sets and exactly how much rest between sets to make it count! Take this with you to the gym or
wherever you train.

The entire website and its videos play on any smart phone. There are also over 35 individual
movements for you to master with complete video instruction by Ryan Hughes himself. This way
you can check your technique anywhere you go and take your trainer Ryno with you wherever
you work out! There are complex riding technique videos also available to access at the track or at
home. Master a few at a time until you have pieced together the whole track!

There are many other complete workout videos available to members with the kind of detail you
need to make it count. All workouts are printable to take to the gym with you after mastering them
at home on the computer.

Eli uses many of Ryno's techniques in his training and whenever in California he and his father John
Tomac like to spend some quality time with Ryno working on the latest fitness techniques. These
same techniques are available for $19.95 per month OR $10.83 PER MONTH WHEN YOU PAY FOR
ONE YEAR at rynopowergym.com.

Ryno Power Gym's lessons are used by many other top athletes throughout sports including Robbie
Madison, Ken Block, Aaron Gwin, Cam Zink, Kyle Strait, Jessica Patterson and more!

Ryno Power Gym was designed to deliver Ryno's training philosophies to the everyday rider who
cannot train with Ryno in person. Join the hundreds riders from all over the world who have
already signed up!

With your monthly subscription you get:

Training /Gym Movements /Complete Workouts /Stretching /

Complex Riding Techniques /Recipes /Nutrition /Monthly updates

& More!

Watch the video trailer here: rynopowergym.com/trailer

Only $19.95/mo or $10.83/mo when you pay for one year! This website is updated
regularly with more content in all sections.