Have you ever wished your bike could be on a TransWorld Motocross pinup poster? Well, now is your chance! If you’re attending this weekend’s TransAm Vet Classic race at Glen Helen Raceway, our May pinup Ariana Girmonde will be on hand to model alongside your bike. We’ll have a photo area set up from 12-3 p,m, on Saturday, March 24, and will snap a few shots to be posted in an online gallery early next week. Of course, you’re welcome to snap away with your iPhones… See you at Glen Helen!

All that’s missing in this photo is your bike!


As we were preparing for the Mini Major in 2017 our team brought up the concept of doing a specialized race just for the Vets, similar to what we were doing for the minis. With that, we consulted with the world famous Glen Helen about building a unique track and creating a schedule with side events that would cater to the 25+ racers and riders and from the start this event would be all about having fun with friends. It’s great to have interest from top former pros like Jeremy McGrath and Ryan Villopoto filling the gates for this event, but there are classes for everyone with age brackets every five years and skill level breakdowns for Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Pro. Your race age will be determined by your age on December 31st, 2018, so make sure and sign up for the correct class! This event isn’t just about trophies, as it’s a reason to get all your toys out and camp for a weekend with family and friends, all bench racing over the best of times in the past and creating new stories for the future.

Now the Trans Am is this weekend and we want to share all the details with you that you will need to know to make it a great weekend. There is something for the whole family at the 2018 Trans Am Vet Classic, so don’t hold back from bringing out the kids just because it’s a Vet race.

Don’t forget to pre-register and save $5 per class by CLICKING HERE. Come to terms with all the emotions of racing the Trans Am and check out this fun story by TransWorld’s Mike Emery as he prepares for the race. Read below for the calendar of events for this year’s Trans Am!

Thursday, March 22nd

Open practice on the Trans Am layout for all riders will be available for normal practice fee of $30. Track open from 9 AM – 2 PM.

Friday, March 23rd

Pull in day and practice! Gates open at 8 AM. Everyone that comes through the gate will pay $30 for the weekend and this includes the practice fee. Camping for the weekend is $20 per RV. The PeeWee track open for practice.

Friday will include a split practice limited to Trans Am Vet Classic racers, running from 11 AM – 3 PM. Come to signup area to see the practice schedule.

4 PM – 6 PM | Alta Motors Barrel Race! Take a free demo on an Alta Motors MX or MXR through the three barrel course layout. The fastest times will go to a final head-to-head format and riders will battle for an insane trophy. This will have to be seen to be believed, but guaranteed to be a good time for riders and spectators.

Saturday, March 24th

Sight lap begins at 8 AM for the first ten motos. There will be a sight lap determined by the race order of the 10 motos, so when we get to race number nine, motos 11-20 will take their sight lap, and before moto 19 we will break for a sight lap for motos 21-30. This is a three-moto format weekend, so we will go as far into the schedule as we can on Saturday.

REM racing happens almost every Saturday at Glen Helen, so bring out the kids and sign up in their 50, 65, 85 and 150F classes! Check out http://www.remsatmx.com for details, times and classes. After the REM races conclude the track will be available for open practice.

10 AM – 3 PM | Free Demos are available on Alta Motors MX and MXR models on the Stadiumcross track! The layout will be mellowed for a broad range of skill levels, but give Alta a ride during the downtime between motos. It’s a unique experience riding without a clutch and feeling that electric torque that everyone should check out.

12 PM – 3 PM | Bring your bike over to the Trans Am podium and take a photo with a Transworld Motocross Pin-up girl!

3 PM – 8 PM | Hanger 24 presents the Trans AM SX party! Supercross will be visiting Indianapolis and this will be the first East vs. West Shootout of the year! Come to the barn near the starting gate and get free food courtesy of Wienerschnitzel! For those over 21 years old, add a frosty cold Hanger 24 beer if you are done racing for the day. After racing the party will continue with live music late into the night.

7 PM – 9 PM | Troy Lee Designs and Transworld Motocross are inviting a select few to participate in a unique event Saturday night that has stirred the emotions of the MX Legend, Troy Lee. Dubbed the Troy Lee Designs Great Escape at the Trans Am, there will be up to 40 riders on the gate riders on the gate, all of which will be a part of a two or three-rider team. This will run on a unique track built along the hills of Glen Helen and teams of Father & Son or Friends & Amigos will trade places lap after lap after lap on a freshly prepped circuit. Bring your headlights, because this could go into the dark hours of the evening! You will be able to spectate with friends watching the racers headlights through the hills of Glen Helen and the always chaotic team rider switch right in front of the SX Party! Don’t miss this event.

Sunday, March 25th

The final day of racing will follow the same schedule as Saturday. The first sight lap will run at 8 AM, with additional sight laps every 10 motos until the schedule is completed.

10 AM – 3 PM | Alta Motors will be doing demos once again on the Stadiumcross track!

The REM Track and PeeWee track will be open for riders of all ages and bike sizes to practice on.

Our whole purpose for doing this Vet Classic format is to get more of our friends out to the races. As we get older, have kids and take on more responsibilities we drift apart from acquaintances. This is a weekend to bring back the best of times and have some fun like we used to. We look forward to seeing you there! Thanks to all our partners supporting this event and Vet racing. 51FIFTY Energy Drink, Alta Motors, MTA Distributing, Troy Lee Designs, Wiseco, Sprinter, Walters Mercedes Benz of Riverside, Wienerschnitzel, Hanger 24, FMF and Nature’s Bakery.

MARCH 23-25, 2018


Wiseco 2 Stroke Open (All Ages 25+ | Open Displacement)
Vet Starter 30+ (Six Months Or Less Total Racing Experience)
25+ | Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert
30+ | Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Pro
35+ | Novice, Intermediate, Expert
40+ | Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert, Pro.
45+ | Novice, Intermediate, Expert
50+ | Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Expert.
55+ | Novice, Intermediate, Expert
60+ | Beginner/Novice, Intermediate, Expert
65+ Beginner/Novice, Intermediate, Expert
70+ Open
25yrs – 39yrs Beginner/Novice 250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
25yrs – 39yrs Intermediate/Expert 250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
40+ Beginner/Novice 250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
40+ Intermediate/Expert 250cc (2-Stroke or 4-Stroke)
20 – 29 Women Open
30+ Women Open
Wiseco 2 Stroke Open (Open age and CC's)
Clydesdale (25+,  Rider Weight Is Minimum 220 Pounds)

Ari likes the Clydesdales, and she’s betting on Dommer and The Program.