15 Championships for Tag Metals Factory8 Riders

Tag Metals Factory8 riders bring home 15 championships in Florida

Valencia, Calif. –

What an incredible week for the Tag Metals Factory 8 race team!

New-comer to the Tag Metals Factory8 team; Rockstar Suzuki's Ian Trettel proved his worth by contending for the win in every class that he entered. He came away with a total of 6 (SIX) titles and dominated the mx portion by winning every overall that he contested!

Another new-comer to the Factory 8 this year, Rockstar Suzuki's Jace Owen absolutely owned the 85cc classes this week, coming away with 5 titles himself!

Eli Tomac powered his Geico Powersports Honda to the championship in the 250A/Pro-am mod class. Eli had a difficult weekend but still came away with a title.

A third new comer to the team; Gannon Audette won the Open B stock and modified classes on his Rockstar Suzuki's to come away with 2 championships.

A fourth new-comer; Jesse Masterpool won the 85cc (12-13) mod title on his Rockstar Suzuki.

Other noteables:
2nd year Tag Metals Factory8 rider A.J. Catanzaro finished 2nd in the Open B stock class in the mx portion and finished 3rd in the SX portion

Shawn Norfolk, Director of Marketing for Tag Metals said, "We're really excited about the finishes in Florida! Our guys kicked butt down there last week. We BARELY finalized our additions to the team in time and we shipped product to the track in order to get it there in time for some of these kids. And MAN-O-MAN did it pay off for us. It's a great day for Tag Metals and for these kids. We have spent an incredible amount of effort in revitalizing the Tag Metals brand. We're here to make a difference. That is why we created the Factory 8 amateur program; to improve our amateur racing results and to help make a difference for these families that devote their lives to racing motocross. The Factory 8 program is encroaching on our second year, and we are really excited to help these racers out. Congratulations to our team their families, and their sponsors."