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A few months ago Mark Weishaar and Theodore Pauli, friends I grew up racing with (and getting beaten by), told me about their plans to race the 2015 MXGP of USA at Glen Helen Raceway. The Midwestern privateers will be against a very stacked field of riders, as the event brings competitors from both the FIM Motocross World Championship and the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship together for an epic weekend of racing in Southern California. Mark and I talked earlier this week about their plans for the dream trip, but there is one detail they’re still sorting out: a place to practice. If you’re in SoCal and have a spot they could turn a few laps, let them know…

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I made the decision to not race any of the Nationals because I had a few lingering injuries from Supercross and because outdoors has never been my favorite thing to do. But I was getting bored during the summer and was looking for something to start working towards, so the first thing that came to my mind was to race the Mexico GP and then do the US MXGP. I got in touch with a guy who works for FIM that I met during Supercross and we talked a few times about how it worked and if I was even allowed to race it. Once I found out that I could race, I started making a few moves and contacted my old teammate from 2013, Theodore "Bubba" Pauli, and asked if he was interested in doing a one-off race. He was totally in.

The "2 Dudes In A Tundra" name isn't a ploy: Weishaar and his friends drove to every race on the East Coast swing of Supercross in his quad-cab pick-up truck.

The “2 Dudes In A Tundra” name isn’t a joke: Weishaar and his friends drove to every race on the East Coast swing of Supercross in his quad-cab pickup truck.

We had to scrap the Mexico idea after realizing there was no way I could miss that much school. I'm in class every day this semester majoring in kinesiology (the scientific study of the human movement), so my teachers obviously aren't happy about missing a week of class. Fortunately, a lot of them know how important racing is and understand that it’s a big deal for us, especially when other students miss days every week for soccer or some other school sport. Once I graduate I plan on continuing to go to school either grad school or something to do with medicine.

2 Dudes In A Tundra Racing MXGP Of USA_172

From there it was more about figuring out the details of doing the race, how much it was going to cost us, if we could make any money, and if we have the help we needed. We found out that there is no payout at all for the race, which was a real bummer and made us come up with some help to even get there.I made a few phone calls to our main sponsors Big St. Charles, St. Louis Tattoo Company, and The Huddle Bar & Grill. Right away they all came back and said they'll help us get there. Since we are going to do this I wanted to match our gear and graphics, just like our sponsors would want to be represented. I have Ross at enzo helping with suspension so we have full confidence that we’ll be good on race day.

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We are planning to leave on Monday evening, will drive straight through the night and get to California Tuesday night, a 24 hour and 1,900 mile trip. We have a friend who lives in California, so that's where we will stay all week, but are still looking for some good tracks to ride before the race. I've been to Glen Helen once before and couldn’t believe how big the hills were, and that was only going up half way.

I’d like to thank all of our my sponsors who have helped this year and for this race;2 Dudes In A Tundra, Big St. Charles Motorsports, St. Louis Tattoo Company, Huddle Bar & Grill, Ryno Power, Motoseat, Fox, Shift, SCOTT, Source MX graphics, Glory Hog, DT-1 Filters, Mika Metals, Boyesen Engineering, Maxima, Works Connection, Dozer Dave, Dunlop, enzo, Hinson, and Archview MX Park. I’m also starting on my Supercross program for next year, when I will be the entire 250 East Coast championship and a few West Coast rounds on a 450. Anyone interested can contact me at 2dudesinatundra@gmail.com.