2012 BTO Sports Amateur Motocross A-Team Announced

BTOSports.com is excited to announce it's very own Amateur "A" motocross Team. The team consists of ten hand picked riders from all over the United States who will compete in this year's Amateur Nationals. 2012 also marks the first year for the BTO Sports' Amateur team, and our riders have already acquired podiums along with top ten finishes throughout the Spring Races. Below is this years line up –

Kevin Weisbruch #752 A Class

Tyler Enticknap #724 450B, Collegeboy, Open

Jacob Knable #811 A Class, Open

Cullin Park #43 65cc, 85cc 9-11

Cody Eaton #26 85cc 12-14

Colby Halpain #228 85cc 9-11

Lane Staley #121 250B, Schoolboy

Axell Hodges #96 250C, Schoolboy

Tyler Pantley #443 85cc 12-14, Supermini

Jantz Grodzicki #96 250B, Schoolboy

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"It's really a win win for all of us" mentioned BTO Sports President Vince Arimitsu. He continued with "It feel 's really good lending a helping hand to such a nice group of kids progressing their racing careers. BTO's Amateur Program is a continuous effort to expand the brand and image throughout the motocross community in a positive way, while simultaneously working for our riders. The future goal is to effectively develop this program into a farm team meshing closely with a lites class deal on the BTO Suzuki Motocross team. With the company continuing to expand, advancing into the Amateur circuit was the next move we needed to make. I feel we have a solid group of talented riders and we're all excited for the 2012 season."

BTO Sports has already seen success with the team throughout the Spring Nationals. Opening at Freestone, Colby Halpain finished 3rd in the 85cc 9-11 mod class, Cody Eaton took 2nd in the 85cc 9-13 Open class.

Tyler Enticknap wrecked the house at Oakhill with an Open class overall, along with a 3rd in the 450 4 stroke non pro class. Lane Staley also had notable top tens in 250B and Schoolboy classes, however was unable to keep it on two wheels in consecutive motos for the overalls. Cody Eaton continued his charge by bringing his game to Oakhill with a 3rd overall in the 85cc 12-13 stock class.

Cullin Park was our only rider to attend the RCSX in Daytona, however he made us very proud with 2 first place titles in the 65 class, and a 2nd overall in the 85cc 9-11 class.

Lastly, Millcreek rounded out the Spring Nationals with more BTO success. Lane Staley took 3 top ten overalls in 250B and schoolboy, Jacob Knable just missed the top ten in A class, however received a 6th overall in the open class. Cullin Park did very well with more top tens, and a 2nd place over all in 65 mod. Enticknap continued laying it down with a 3rd over all in collegeboy, and all top tens in 450b and open.

World Mini is coming up and we can't wait for our California natives to mix it up. Look out for Kevin Weisbruch, Jantz Grodzicki, Axell Hodges, and Cody Eaton!

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