2014 Budds Creek MX | GoPro Hero 3+

There is a lot to take in when watching the GoPro footage captured by Ken Roczen, Jason Anderson, Malcolm Stewart, and Joey Savatgy from the 2014 Budds Creek MX. All four riders put in epic rides on the first lap of their motos and the situations we find all three in make dissecting the short clips possible.

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Ken Roczen | 2014 Budds Creek MX | 450 Moto Two

Ken Roczen 2014 Budds Creek MX

Ken Roczen came out of the first turn in fourth place, a prime position to attack from in a ultra-competitive 450 moto. A daring line change just after the finish line allowed him the chance to take third place away from Justin Brayton and he powered away from the JGRMX/Toyota/NFAB/Yamaha rider as they ascended the following hill. The Red Bull KTM rider used outside lines in his pursuit of Josh Grant and the two nearly collide a few times in the first lap of the moto. Roczen would make a move on the JGRMX/Toyota/NFAB/Yamaha rider towards the end of the video and then turned his attention to leader Ryan Dungey, but would fail to close the gap built by his teammate over the course of the 30-minute moto.

Give the video a second watch, just to see JG33’s style over some of the leaps at Budds Creek…

Malcolm Stewart | 2014 Budds Creek MX | 450 Moto Two

Malcolm Stewart 2014 Budds Creek MX

The footage from Malcolm Stewart’s GoPro showed just how important it is to nail the start at Budds Creek. Mookie was pinched by the pack as they rounded the tight first turn, and this dropped the Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda rider deep in the running order. Already battered from crashes the week prior at RedBud, the roost of those ahead and the chewed up course had to be hell on his sore body. He fights for position with Christian Craig for the early part of the lap, until ultimately stealing a line away from the GEICO Honda rider and taking the position. Craig, however, would fire back later in the video and reclaimed the position just before they pass by the mechanic’s area. Stewart would ultimately withdraw later in the moto.

Jason Anderson | 2014 Budds Creek MX | 250 Moto Two

Justin Bogle 2014 Budds Creek MX

Justin Bogle’s dropped elbow caused Jason Anderson to check up off of the start in the second 250 moto, but the Rockstar Energy Racing KTM rider expertly backed off in time to take the tight turn and blast into third place down the next lane of track. Anderson is known for his wild riding style and he transferred all of his weight to the rear tire of his bike down the flat section of track while giving chase to the front two racers. Still on the high of his first moto win, Anderson sped around the rough course in an effort to catch Jeremy Martin and Christophe Pourcel, but couldn’t close in on either to match his earlier performance. His seventh place finish in the moto, paired with the prior win, scored him third overall on the day.

Joey Savatgy | 2014 Budds Creek MX | 250 Moto One

Joey Savatgy 2014 Budds Creek MX

The scream of the 250 class over the first sections of track is almost deafening, as riders revved every ounce of power they could from the small-bore thumpers. Joey Savatgy piloted his Rockstar Energy Racing KTM to the front pack early in the moto, but a mistake in one caused him to fall back in the field slightly. Undeterred by the passes, he would rebound and overtake GEICO Honda’s Zach Bell for a position halfway through the first lap. That Savatgy could build enough speed to leap over some of the biggest jumps on the course after taking inside lines is a testament to the power produced by the KTM 250 SX-F, but this also cost the racer momentum in some areas of the track.