2014 Spring Creek MX | GoPro Hero 3+

2014 Spring Creek MX | GoPro Hero 3+

There is a lot to take in when watching the GoPro footage captured by Ken Roczen and Joey Savatgy from the 2014 Spring Creek MX. Both guys put in epic rides on the first lap of their motos and the situations we find them in make dissecting the short clips possible.

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Ken Roczen | 2014 Spring Creek MX | 450 Moto One

2014 Spring Creek MX - Ken Roczen GoPro Hero 3+

Ken Roczen rocketed out of the gate aboard his Red Bull KTM, only to see teammate Ryan Dungey beat him to the line. He used every inch of track through the corner, riding as close to the edge as possible without going over. The section after the start is one of the fastest parts of the Spring Creek layout, and Roczen was lucky to be up front and not buried in the pack as they barreled down the straight.  After seeing a GEICO Honda over the tabletop, he takes another look to his right side before making a line change to the outside of the approaching berm. A minor mistake shot him off the track at the entrance to the rollers, but he dives back in without losing time. Roczen's rhythm through the whoops were the talk of the track all day, and his technique of jumping through the section let him close and make the pass on Dungey early in the lap. Dungey made an attempt to retake the lead moments later, but it was rebuffed as Roczen closed off the line. Rather than power down the hills and lock up the brakes, Roczen got off of the throttle and cruised the descent, then unleashed the engine's power for a run up Martin Mountain. The speed Roczen carries while coming back down the next section of track is astonishing, and at no point does he appear out of control. In fact, he manages to slow enough to take the inside line on the next turn. With the race in his control, Roczen flows through the remainder of the lap. Unfortunately, the 450 championship leader would be caught and passed by Eli Tomac late in the race, and would finish third overall on the day.

Joey Savatgy | 2014 Spring Creek MX | 250 Moto Two

2014 Spring Creek MX - Joey Savatgy GoPro Hero 3+

It’s very easy to be pinched off when coming up the inside line of the Spring Creek start, but Joey Savatgy kept his Rockstar Energy Racing KTM on the throttle and slipped by much of the pack to take fifth place. After making near contact with Justin Bogle and Jeremy Martin, Savatgy pointed his bike to the outside lines of the course and slipped by the GEICO Honda rider. We see Blake Baggett come into frame as Savatgy skips through the whoops, but the gap between the two riders never seems to close in the next sections of the track. Instead, we hear the rev of another bike behind our ride along and it’s obvious that Savatgy has competition for his spot. Justin Bogle reclaims the position as the come down Martin Mountain, but Savatgy looks for a way back by using different lines through the corners. Savatgy would slip back to ninth in this moto, but was ranked seventh overall in the 250 class for the day.