2014 Washougal MX | GoPro Hero 3+

2014 Washougal MX | GoPro Hero 3+

There is a lot to take in when watching the GoPro footage captured by Cole Seely and Joey Savatgy from the 2014 Washougal MX. Both guys put in epic rides on the first lap of their motos and the situations we find them in make dissecting the short clips possible. We are throughly impressed by the GoPro Hero 3+ cameras and their ability to quickly adjust to the dark sections of the Washington track.

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Joey Savatgy | 2014 Washougal MX | 250 Moto One

Joey Savatgy | 2014 Washougal MX

The zero to holeshot speed of the 2014 Yamaha and KTM bikes have been the talk of the pit area this year, and it comes as no surprise that orange and blue bikes led the field to the first turn at Washougal. Rockstar Energy Racing KTM’s Joey Savatgy was edged to the stripe by Yamaha-mounted Jeremy Martin and Christophe Pourcel, but the start was impressive nonetheless. Savatgy, Marvin Musquin, and Matt Bisceglia made it a three-man race to the peak of Horsepower Hill, with Musquin being the first to drop over the top and after the leaders.The front pack flew out of the woods and into the split chicane section, and came out nearly even on the other side. After spending nearly an entire lap locked in battle with Bisceglia, Savatgy makes a pass stick as they run to the backside of the track. A slight mistake throws Savatgy’s timing off through the whoop section, but he maintains fourth place for the opening lap.

It’s a damn shame we can’t see the entire moto, because Savagty was one of the many riders locked in battle for the full sixteen-lap sprint. He would take
6-7 moto scores for sixth overall in the 250 class.

 Cole Seely | 2014 Washougal MX | 250 Moto Two

 Cole Seely | 2014 Washougal MX | 250 Moto Two

After Mikey Ojeda carved out a spot for Cole Seely’s GoPro on a fresh Troy Lee Designs helmet, the camera was ready to capture the action of the second moto. Seely’s start put him in the middle of the pack, but he charged his Troy Lee Designs/Lucas Oil/Honda up the middle of Horsepower Hill and by a number of riders. Conditions late in the afternoon were less than stellar, as many of the ruts carved into the track were cloaked in darkness. Still, Seely managed to avoid nailing an eager bystander ala the Tour de France and fought for every inch of the track. Being bundled in the tight pack comes with risks, and a mistake by Matt Bisceglia cost Seely some much-needed time in the chicane. After being overtaken by Cooper Webb, it seemed like Seely began to follow a few of the Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider’s lines while still using others in an endless effort to get by.

Seely put in a pair of 9-9 scores in southern Washington for ninth overall.