Photos by Ryne Swanberg

The 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship continues on with round five taking place at High Point Raceway, a famed track in rural Pennsylvania. After more than a month of non-stop action, the championships in both classes are starting to become incredibly interesting with riders reaffirming their rank in the order with each moto. In the 250 class, we've seen the red plate passed back and forth between Marvin Musquin and Jeremy Martin quite a few times already this summer, and their battle for small-bore supremacy is expected to last until the very last lap.

250 Moto One

By the time the field had funneled through the fast first turn, Marvin Musquin had already taken the lead. RJ Hampshire and Adam Cianciarulo tucked in behind the Red Bull KTM rider and kept the class veteran in sight through the opening laps of the race. Although the young talent ran an incredibly quick pace, better than Musquin at times, there was no catching the leader. With every lap, Musquin managed to inch further ahead and circled the track virtually uncontested towards the checkered flag. Cianciarulo would ultimately finish in second place aboard his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki, while rookie Hampshire eventually slipped back to seventh on his GEICO Honda.

Jeremy Martin's finishing position helped make Marvin Musquin's moto win even better. The Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider started the race just within the top-ten, but behind a pack of his fiercest competitors. The defending champion made a few moves in the first laps and then really upped his pace near the middle of the moto. As other riders slowed, Martin moved by and up the running order, eventually into fourth place. On the final lap he found himself within two seconds of older brother Alex, yet was unable to make a pass on the CycleTrader/Rock River/Yamaha rider. The difference in points from first place to fourth place was enough to sway the championship standings into Musquin's favor by a mere marker heading into the second moto.

Zach Osborne ran in the front pack for the seventeen-lap sprint and spent much of the moto locked in a battle with other riders. Although he would allow some riders to advance further ahead, he outlasted others for a fifth place finish.

Moto One Results
1. Marvin Musquin
2. Adam Cianciarulo
3. Alex Martin
4. Jeremy Martin
5. Zach Osborne
6. Joey Savatgy
7. RJ Hampshire
8. Christian Craig
9. Aaron Plessinger
10. Jessy Nelson
11. Shane McElrath
12. Matt Bisceglia
13. Mitchell Oldenburg
14. Kyle Peters
15. Chris Alldredge
16. Jordon Smith
17. Luke Renzland
18. Jackson Richardson
19. Dakota Alix
20. Nick Gaines

250 Moto Two

Zach Osborne zoomed through the first turn at the head of the field, with Marvin Musquin in pursui.t The two used almost every inch of the battered track during their one-lap battle for the lead, but a small mistake by the Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna rider on a step-up jump gave Musquin just enough of an opening to sneak into the lead. Osborne was undeterred by the error and did all he could to keep Musquin in range, which made for much more exciting moto than the day's early event. A charge by Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Joey Savatgy helped him catch Osborne during the middle of the seventeen-lap race, but the trio would hold their positions until the checkered flag.

Jeremy Martin was again buried in the field on the opening lap, as he was scored in nineteenth in his first pass through the scoring section. Just like earlier in the day, Martin ascended up the running order thanks to a handful of moves made when the pack ran closely together, but the most important passes came in the middle of the moto. Eventually he was back on brother Alex for fourth place, and was able to make a move for the spot in the closing minutes. This pass was key because it tied the Martins for points scored on the day and also put the overall in Jeremy's favor, since the better second moto finish served as a tiebreaker.

With these finishes, the championship standings once again swayed. The point difference between Musquin's 1-1 sweep of the day and Martin's 4-4 finishes was enough to put the Red Bull KTM rider ahead by a margin of eight points.

Moto Two Results
1. Marvin Musquin
2. Zach Osborne
3. Joey Savatgy
4. Jeremy Martin
5. Alex Martin
6. Jordon Smith
7. Christian Craig
8. Jessy Nelson
9. Shane McElrath
10. Aaron Plessinger
11. Matt Bisceglia
12. Adam Cianciarulo
13. Kyle Peters
14. Mitchell Oldenburg
15. Chris Alldredge
16. Luke Renzland
17. Dakota Alix
18. Jackson Richardson
19. Zack Williams
20. Preston Mull

Overall Results
1. Marvin Musquin 1-1
2. Zach Osborne 5-2
3. Jeremy Martin 4-4
4. Alex Martin 3-5
5. Joey Savatgy 6-3
6. Adam Cianciarulo 2-12
7. Christian Craig 8-7
8. Jessy Nelson 10-8
9. Aaron Plessinger 9-10
10. Shane McElrath 11-9
11. Jordon Smith 16-6
12. Matt Bisceglia 12-11
13. Kyle Peters 14-13
14. Mitchell Oldenburg 13-14
15. RJ Hampshire 7-37
16. Chris Alldredge 15-15
17. Luke Renzland 17-16
18. Dakota Alix 19-17
19. Jackson Richardson 18-18
20. Zack Williams 21-19
21. Preston Mull 25-20
22. Nick Gaines 20-23
23. Jace Owen 22-24
24. Matt Babbitt 26-21
25. Justin Starling 23-25
26. Daniel Baker 28-22
27. Gared Steinke 27-27
28. Chris Canning 29-28
29. Jamal Porter 32-29
30. Hunter Sayles 31-30
31. Alex Frye 24-38
32. Conner Elliott 30-33
33. Hayden Mellross 38-26
34. Roland Beck 35-31
35. Jeremy Hand 34-32
36. Max Groom 33-34
37. Jacob Runkles 36-35
38. Dakota Kessler 37-36
39. William Duffy 40-39
40. Michael McDade 39-40

250 Championship Point Standings (After 10 of 24 motos)
1. Marvin Musquin 219 points | 6 moto wins
2. Jeremy Martin 211 points | 4 moto wins
3. Jessy Nelson 146 points
4. Adam Cianciarulo 143 points
5. Joey Savatgy 135 points
6. Zach Osborne 129 points
7. Alex Martin 115 points
8. Shane McElrath 109 points
9. Aaron Plessinger 108 points
10. Matt Bisceglia 106 points