450 Moto One

Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna's Christophe Pourcel and Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey made it to turn one first, but it was Dungey with the official holeshot. Dungey nearly fell, though, as he uncharacteristically cross-rutted just a few turns into the opening lap. Pourcel moved into the lead, but it was short lived after Dungey regained his composure and made the pass on the Frenchman for the lead. Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna's Jason Anderson quickly made his way into third and GEICO Honda's Justin Bogle sat in a close fourth on lap one. Red BullKTM's Dean Wilson quietly sat in fifth, but that didn't last long, as Autotrader.com/Toyota/Yamaha’s Justin Barcia and RCH/Soaring Eagle/Jimmy John's/Suzuki Factory Racing's Ken Roczen made their way around the number 15. Both Barcia and Roczen suffered from bad starts, but quickly began to move through the pack with Barcia leading the way, as a battle quickly ensued between the two riders. Pourcel maintained second with Anderson following in a close third. Barcia, who still sat in fifth place, began to open up a small gap on the RCH rider, however, that didn't last very long. Roczen began to close in on Barcia, but the two riders had company, as Yoshimura Suzuki's Blake Baggett made a brief pass on Roczen, but the defending champ was able to answer right back. With three laps to go, Roczen made the pass on Barcia, while Baggett, too made a pass on the JGR Yamaha rider. Roczen then made his way around Bogle, and Anderson moved into second as he got around Pourcel with just a few laps left. Roczen caught up to Pourcel and made the move into third, but Pourcel answered back. However, Roczen still managed to finish in third place. Dungey took the win with Anderson, Roczen, Pourcel and Baggett finishing in that order.

450 Moto One Results

  1.  Ryan Dungey
  2.  Jason Anderson
  3.  Ken Roczen
  4.  Christophe Pourcel
  5.   Justin Bogle
  6.  Blake Baggett
  7.  Justin Barcia
  8.  Trey Canard
  9.  Dean Wilson
  10.  Josh Grant
  11.  Phil Nicoletti
  12.  Andrew Short
  13.  Colton Facciotti
  14.  Kyle Cunningham
  15. Broc Tickle
  16. Kyle Chisholm
  17.  Benny Bloss
  18.  Ryan Sipes
  19.  Kaven Benoit
  20.  Tyler Medaglia

450 Moto Two

Barcia grabbed a huge holeshot with Anderson in a close second and Pourcel following in third. Dungey moved into third, as he got around Pourcel, but the race was red flagged due to a downed Kyle Chisholm who ended up standing on his own after a few minutes. However, he did not line up for the restart.

After everyone was lined up for the restart, the gate dropped and it was Pourcel with the holeshot, Barcia in second and Dungey in third. Roczen began pressuring Dungey early on, while Barcia moved around Pourcel for the lead. Roczen nearly got around Dungey, but the KTM rider answered right back. Roczen made it happen, though, as he got around both Dungey and Pourcel in the same corner. Roczen and Dungey began reeling in Barcia, but Dungey simultaneously made a mistake and briefly went down. After quickly remounting in sixth, Dungey gathered himself and set his sights back on the leaders. Roczen moved into the lead around Barcia and put a good amount of real estate between he and Barcia, while Dungey made his way back into the top three. Dungey started pressuring Barcia after catching him and then quickly made the pass for second. RCH/Soaring Eagle/Jimmy John’s/ Suzuki Factory Racing’s Broc Tickle began to catch Barcia and pressure the Yamaha rider as he tried to make the pass. Tickle eventually made it happen for third place. However, Barcia still had enough left in the tank and mounted one last attack on Tickle to pass the RCH rider for third. Dungey began to slowly chip away at Roczen's gap, but it wasn't enough, as Roczen took the win with Dungey in second and Barcia in third.

450 Moto Two Results

  1.  Ken Roczen
  2.  Ryan Dungey
  3.  Justin Barcia
  4.  Broc Tickle
  5.  Trey Canard
  6.  Jason Anderson
  7.  Christophe Pourcel
  8.  Josh Grant
  9.  Blake Baggett
  10.  Phil Nicoletti
  11.  Colton Faciotti
  12.  Andrew Short
  13.  Tyler Medaglia
  14.  Ben Lamay
  15.   Benny Bloss
  16.  Ryan Sipes
  17. Gannon Audette
  18.  Kaven Benoit
  19. Cade Clason
  20. Ronnie Stewart

Overall Results

1. Ryan Dungey (1-2)
2. Ken Roczen (3-1)
3. Jason Anderson (2-6)
4. Justin Barcia (7-3)
5. Christophe Pourcel (4-7)
6. Trey Canard (8-5)
7. Blake Baggett (6-9)
8. Broc Tickle (15-4)
9. Josh Grant (10-8)
10. Phil Nicoletti (11-10)
11. Colton Facciotti (13-11)
12. Andrew Short (12-12)
13. Justin Bogle (5-30)
14. Dean Wilson (9-35)
15. Benny Bloss (17-15)
16. Tyler Medaglia (20-13)
17. Ryan Sipes (18-16)
18. Ben LaMay (21-14)
19. Kyle Cunningham (14-36)
20.Kaven Benoit (19-18)

Final Point Standings

  1.  Ryan Dungey 547 points
  2.  Ken Roczen 447 points
  3.  Justin Barcia 441 points
  4.  Blake Baggett 360 points
  5.  Christophe Pourcel 323 points
  6.  Jason Anderson 320 points
  7.  Broc Tickle 311 points
  8.  Phil Nicoletti 250 points
  9.  Weston Peick 223 points
  10.  Fredrik Noren 206 points