2015 Motocross Of Nations | Team USA Warm Up

Welcome to France! Jet lagged, a bit confused in general, and more excited than ever, we made it. This coming weekend is going to be heavy, and you can be sure there is a lot of coverage to come from Ernée. A lot of riders have flown in this week straight from sunny California, as the MXGP finale took place at Glen Helen. Team USA has unloaded the crates and came out to shake down the bikes in preparation for the battle to come. As many already know, the American pilots this year are team captain Justin Barcia leading Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin in their hunt to re-claim the Chaimberlain trophy. All three have had great years in their own respect, two of the three being owners of new AMA Championship plates.

Today was a little warm up day to get a first ride on the bikes at a little track called Iffendic Moto Club. Break-in, quick adjustments, making sure they are all set up, etc. is the name of the game. Team captain Justin Barcia was the only American rider that decided to skip today, as he has put in plenty days preparing and is using this week to rest up and recharge. Cooper Webb and Jeremy Martin were on hand, and they spun a few laps to shake off the jet lag. There were easily 100 people there who must have caught word of the private track time that Team USA had set up. It was really cool to see how many fans these guys have. You can tell everyone is really enjoying themselves, and the team vibe is great. Cooper even convinced his mechanic Eric Gass to rip a practice start to see how his form was! Have a look at a little gallery to get you psyched for the weekend to come. More coverage to come, stay tuned!