Photos: Ryne Swanberg

The 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship continues to trek across the country, stopping this week in the Southeast for round four of the twelve round series. Muddy Creek Raceway has been on the schedule for a few years, but the quick Tennessee track has quickly become an important event for riders vying for the championship. If you can make it through the year's first hit of heavy humidity, there's little doubt left regarding in your physical fitness.

We're already one-third of the way through the summer and both title fights have tightened up dramatically. Rough days by Jeremy Martin and Marvin Musquin have made the 250 class exciting, with only a handful of points now separating them in the standings. They'll have to avoid any sort of issue in the next few months to keep a shot at the title.

250 Moto One

Marvin Musquin claimed the holeshot, avoided the usual opening lap carnage, and tore away from the field aboard his Red Bull KTM. He would run alone for the entire duration of the race, eventually coming across the finish line eighteen seconds ahead of runner-up Jeremy Martin. This moto was Musquin's fourth win in seven motos, which allowed him to earn three points on his title rival.

Martin's moto wasn't as easy. The Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha rider started the race in the top-five and pursued Adam Cianciarulo and Jessy Nelson, with the gap between them changing with every lap. A solid lap by Martin would draw the group closer; a poor lap would let them slip away. This continued for most of the race, till things took a turn in the final ten minutes. Martin got by Nelson for third, and then was given second after a cross-rut caused crash by Cianciarulo.

1. Marvin Musquin
2. Jeremy Martin
3. Jessy Nelson
4. Joey Savatgy
5. Adam Cianciarulo
6. Matt Bisceglia
7. Chris Alldredge
8. Aaron Plessinger
9. Zach Osborne
10. Shane McElrath
11. RJ Hampshire
12. Kyle Peters
13. Mitchell Oldenberg
14. Jordon Smith
15. Hayden Mellross
16. Jackson Richardson
17. Luke Renzland
18. Dakota Alix
19. Alex Martin
20. Jace Owen

250 Moto Two

Jessy Nelson and Aaron Plessinger ran even through the first lanes of track, until Plessinger powered around the outside of a turn and took over the lead. His Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha teammate Jeremy Martin slid into second shortly after, though his early attempts at overtaking Plessinger did little to rattle the rookie. Their one-two run continued through the first half of the moto, with Martin eventually getting to the lead thanks to consistently quick laps. Unlike other motos, Martin did not tear away from the rest of the field and win by a massive margin. Instead Jessy Nelson and Adam Cianciarulo closely pursued him until the checkered flag, with Nelson finishing roughly six seconds behind. The 2-1 results gave Martin the overall win and added more to his point lead.

Marvin Musquin seemed poised to follow up his first moto win at the start of the second moto, since the Red Bull KTM rider came through the first turns in the front pack. A mistake when entering a rutted turn by early winner resulted in a pile-up on the opening lap, with Musquin remounting at the back of the field. He fought his way back to the front group over the course of eighteen laps, posted the fastest laps of either class, and finished the moto in fourth place. This was a critical finish, as it put him second overall on the day and kept the margin between he and Martin close.

1. Jeremy Martin
2. Jessy Nelson
3. Adam Cianciarulo
4. Marvin Musquin
5. RJ Hampshire
6. Jordon Smith
7. Aaron Plessinger
8. Chris Alldredge
9. Zach Osborne
10. Shane McElrath
11. Joey Savatgy
12. Alex Martin
13. Matt Bisceglia
14. Luke Renzland
15. Hayden Mellross
16. Jace Owen
17. Dakota Alix
18. Kyle Peters
19. Alex Frye
20. Jackson Richardson

Overall Results
1. Jeremy Martin 2-1
2. Marvin Musquin 1-2
3. Jessy Nelson 3-2
4. Adam Cianciarulo 5-3
5. Joey Savatgy 4-11
6. Aaron Plessinger 8-7
7. Chris Alldredge 7-8
8. RJ Hampshire 11-5
9. Zach Osborne 9-9
10. Matt Bisceglia 6-13
11. Jordon Smith 14-6
12. Shane McElrath 10-10
13. Hayden Mellross 15-15
14. Kyle Peters 12-18
15. Alex Martin 19-12
16. Luke Renzland 17-14
17. Mitchell Oldenburg 13-40
18. Dakota Alix 18-17
19. Jace Owen 20-16
20. Jackson Richardson 16-20

2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship 250 Class (After 8 of 24 motos)
1. Jeremy Martin – 175 points | 4 moto wins
2. Marvin Musquin – 169 points | 4 moto wins
3. Jessy Nelson – 122 points
4. Adam Cianciarulo – 112 points
5. Joey Savatgy – 100 points
6. Zach Osborne – 91 points
7. Chris Alldredge – 89 points
8. Shane McElrath – 87 points
9. Matt Bisceglia – 87 points
10. RJ Hampshire – 85 points