2015 Sofia Supercross | Event Details

Roster and layout for Bulgarian race

2015 Sofia SX | Event Details


Hear what Justin Brayton thinks about heading over for the 2015 Sofia Supercross

This weekend Supercross style racing will take place at Arena Armeec in Sofia, Bulgaria, and we must say we’re pretty excited to join them for the first event of its kind in the country’s capital. Word of this race first spread early in the year and thanks to the continuous work by Eric Peronnard, it features a very stout list of riders from around the world and a quality course for them to compete on. Racing will take place over two days and the overall winner of the premier class will be crowned “King of Sofia.” Since this is the first event of its kind in Sofia, here’s a summary of the schedule, tracks, and riders.

Be sure to check back through the next few days as we head to Bulgaria and cover the event with photo galleries, interviews, and videos.


3. Mike Brown (USA)
10. Justin Brayton (USA)
14. Christoph Schade (Germany)
21. Jurgen Wybo (Germany)
28. Weston Peick (USA)
34. Phil Nicoletti (USA)
50. Malcolm Stewart (USA)
66. Alexander Heu (Germany)
81. Brian Shu (Germany)
100. Josh Hansen (USA)
111. Stoyan Rashkov (Bulgaria)
432. Walther Schneider (Germany)
441. Phillip Eggers (Germany)
477. Michael Kartenberg (Germany)
503. Oliver Kaas (Germany)
504. Christian Hobfeld (Germany)
723. Marius Slevers (Germany)
921. Uli Stocker (Germany)
981. Maik Schaller (Germany)


Saturday – Event begins at 7PM
Sunday – Event begins at 2PM

Heat Races – Group split into two ten (10) lap races,top four riders to Main Event

LCQ – One ten (10) lap race, top four riders to Main Event

Fast Laps – All twelve Main Event racers will go out, one at a time, with one chance to put in their fastest lap possible. This will determine gate picks for the Main Event.

Bracket Race – All twelve Main Event racers will battle, three at a time, with the winner group advancing up the bracket. The winner of the final head-to-head race will receive one bonus point for their overall total.

Consolation Race – One ten (10) lap race for the night’s non-qualifiers.

Main Event – One twenty (20) lap race that determines the night’s victor. Riders are awarded points for their finishing position in the feature.

The rider with the most points scored over two nights of racing will be crowned “King of Sofia.”


The Arena Armeec course was designed by Eric Peronnard and will be built by an American crew.