2015 Sofia Supercross | Oct 31 – Nov 1



There isn’t an off-season anymore, just a lightened schedule of events through the latter part of the year. The next few months will be a busy time for all involved in the sport as they prepare for the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross kickoff in Anaheim, but riders will quickly tire of turning laps at the test tracks day after day. Which makes the one-weekend Supercross races of Europe so enticing (well, that and some bonus money).

The first on the list is an all-new event in Sofia, Bulgaria,¬†which takes place October 31st – November 1st. We’ve heard about this race for a few months and must say it piqued our interest, especially with riders involved, the history of the country, and the low cost of travel.

As of now the American riders linked to the event include Weston Peick, Phil Nicoletti, Justin Brayton, Malcolm Stewart, Josh Hansen, and Mike Brown. They’ll do battle in Arena Armeec, on a course that’s been designed by international promoter Eric Peronnard and built by an American crew.

2015 Sofia Supercross | Track Design

Got some vacation time to burn before the end of the year? Trips to Sofia are pretty reasonable ($600 – $1000 round trip) and accommodations are incredible (five-star hotels for less than $100 a night). The country has a wealth of history that dates back to the Paleolithic period, through various empires, the Soviet Union, and now modern times. And now they get Supercross. Perfect.