2016 Arlington SX | Track Map

Layout for round seven of series


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The 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series makes a move to a new part of the country with the 2016 Arlington SX, round seven of the year set to take place this weekend at AT&T Stadium in Texas. Typically the start of the East Coast 250 SX Championship, changes to the schedule now have it as a late round in the 250 West SX Championship, like Houston once was. Which makes more sense, considering Arlington is geographically located further west than Houston…

Everything about AT&T Stadium is massive, from the floor to the television screen that hangs from the ceiling of “Jerry World.” The Dirt Wurx crew and Feld Motorsports have come up with quite a layout, a bit like Atlanta Two in 2015 with a mix of tight sections and wide-open elements that will challenge riders. Those last bends before the finish line will either be the site for plenty of action or a complete letdown. Keep in mind the dirt in Texas is deceiving and slick, nothing like the lush clay of the Southeast/Midwest/Northeast.

Have a look at the layout below, either by computer rendered drawing or by following along with the animated track map. Either way, you'll get an idea of what to expect on Saturday night.

2016 Arlington SX | Track Map

Rd07_Arlington02click to view a larger version of the image