2016 Arnhem SX | Race Report

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Another weekend, another offseason Supercross race in Europe. MXGP World Motocross champions Tim Gajser and Romain Febvre faced off against American Malcolm Stewart and a slew of other fast racers at the 2016 Arnhem SX in the eastern part of the Netherlands. While this seemed like a new race to the international schedule it was actually just a new location for an established event, the Genova SX that ran for years in Italy.

The original line-up for the event included Jason Anderson and Justin Bogle, but injuries to Anderson and contract negotiations for Bogle kept the two from making the trip aboard. Despite this, the fans at the GelreDome were treated to an excellent night of action. Febvre and Gajser have spent extended periods of time on Supercross-style tracks in recent weeks, and they were the favorites title during the night’s format (two twelve-lap Main Events for the SX1/450 class overall and one twelve-lap Super Final for King of Arnhem, which included riders from the SX 250 division).

Febvre claimed the win in Main Event one and bested second-place finisher Gajser to the checkered flag by 2.005 seconds. Stewart, the 2016 250 East Coast SX champion, suffered a crash in the first Main Event of the evening. Although he rejoined and finished the race in sixteenth place, Stewart’s chance at the division victory was erased.

Stewart regrouped and scored the second Main Event with a 3.319-second win over Febvre. A crash in the early laps buried Gajser in the field, but he fought back and salvaged a seventh place finish. Febvre’s consistent finishes, especially against the inconsistent finishes of his competitors, gave the French rider the SX1 overall win.


Since the results of the early races did not factor into the King of Arnhem title, the Super Final was a clean slate for the full field. Febvre was up front in the early moments of the moto, and then came under fire from Angelo Pellegrini. This battle helped Gajser move towards the front of the field and he used an inside line through the sand section to steal the lead away in the middle of the race. After a few more fast laps, Gajser claimed the win and the King of Arnhem honors.

SX1 Main Event One Results

1. Romain Febvre
2. Tim Gajser
3. Cedric Soubeyras
4. Angelo Pellegrini
5. Thomas Ramette
6. Jack Brunell
7. Cole Martinez
8. Matteo Bonini
9. Sulivan Jaulin
10. Matt Bayliss
11. Kevin Fors
12. Nick Kouwenberg
13. Ricky Renner
14. Joan Cros
15. Ludovic Macler
16. Malcolm Stewart
17. Jason Clermont
18. Kim Schaffter
19. Jeffrey Meurs
20. Kai Haasse

SX1 Main Event Two Results

1. Malcolm Stewart
2. Romain Febvre
3. Thomas Ramette
4. Matteo Bonini
5. Angelo Pellegrini
6. Cedric Soubeyras
7. Tim Gajser
8. Jack Brunell
9. Matt Bayliss
10. Nick Kouwenberg
11. Kevin Fors
12. Sulivan Jaulin
13. Ricky Renner
14. Joan Cros
15. Jason Clermont
16. Cole Martinez
17. Kai Haasse
18. Jeffrey Meurs
19. Kim Schaffter
20. Ludovic Macler

SX1 Overall Results

1. Romain Febvre | 45 pts
2. Tim Gajser | 29 pts
3. Thomas Ramette | 27 pts
4. Cedric Soubeyras | 26 pts
5. Malcolm Stewart | 25 pts
6. Angelo Pellegrini | 24 pts
7. Matteo Bonini | 21 pts
8. Jack Brunell | 18 pts
9. Matt Bayliss | 13 pts
10. Sulivan Jaulin | 11 pts
11. Nick Kouwenberg | 10 pts
12. Kevin Fors | 10 pts
13. Cole Martinez | 9 pts
14. Ricky Renner | 6 pts
15. Joan Cros | 4 pts
16. Jason Clermont | 1 pt
17. Ludovic Macler | 1 pt
18. Kai Hassee | 0 pts
19. Jeffrey Meurs | 0 pts
20. Kim Schaffter | 0 pts

King of Arnhem Super Final Results

1. Tim Gajser
2. Romain Febvre
3. Cedric Soubeyras
4. Malcolm Stewart
5. Angelo Pellegrini
6. Matteo Bonini
7. Thomas Ramette
8. Morgan Lessiardo
9. Matt Bayliss
10. Zonta Filippo
11. Ricky Renner
12. Kade Walker
13. Nick Kouwenberg
14. Jack Bruell
15. Steven Mages