2016 Atlanta SX | Short/Nicoletti/Hahn Update

Three riders injured in one crash


It really, really sucks to see guys crash. Especially when one incident takes out three fast and friendly racers. But that’s what happened in the second 450 Heat Race on Saturday night at the 2016 Atlanta SX, when Andrew Short, Phil Nicoletti, and Wil Hahn came together while flying through the first long rhythm section.

Nicoletti recapped the crash with us at the end of the night race, and said it seemed like Short was sent sideways from the face of one jump and into Nicoletti’s path. The two came together, with Nicoletti quickly hitting the ground and Short’s bike darting back the other direction, which then collected Hahn. Short came to a sudden stop on the face of a jump and was pinned underneath Hahn’s motorcycle, while Hahn was flung a few more feet and over another obstacle in the lane.

Although three riders were down in a very fast and dangerous section of the track, no red flag was thrown. Nicoletti and Hahn were walked off of the track with help from the Asterisk Medical and track crew, while Short was literally carried off by two workers.

We got updates on the riders in the pit area after the race. Monster Energy Kawasaki told us that Hahn sustained a definite broken collarbone in the crash and that he was to visit doctors on Sunday to check on the collarbone and any other damage. Nicoletti said that his right knee was in the most pain and the Monster Energy/AutoTrader.com/Toyota/Yamaha rider will have it checked out this week. BTO Sports KTM said that Short suffered a concussion in the crash, his second hard hit to the head in less than six months, and that he was understandably out of sorts.

UPDATE: Both Hahn, Short, and JGRMX Team Manager Jeremy Albrecht shared news of the rider’s health on Monday/Tuesday via Instagram.

SHORT: Well, I’m pretty banged up from crashing Saturday night in Atlanta. The worst part was getting my second concussion in less than three months. The burns, bruising and cuts will heal but injuring my head scares me. I would like to thank Eddie and Dr Alexander from the asterisk crew for helping with assistance and medical care. At this point I don’t know when I will return to racing but would like to thank the whole @teambtosports crew and sponsors for the support. Besides God and family there is nothing I love more than being at the races around dirt bikes.

HAHN: Flew straight to Dr. Ting from Atl, he was able to pop my shoulder back in. And we also saw that I broke my collarbone, scapula and tore my Labrum. Soon as the swelling goes down Doc is going to operate on the collarbone and dial in my labrum. We will do everything in my power to be back racing as soon as I can be. Thanks to the @asterisk_com medical crew for always taking care of us. #downnotout

ALBRECHT: Phil’s knee is banged up. He had MRI yesterday and started therapy. Hoping he will make Daytona but we will see later in the week.

We hope to see all three riders recovery from the injuries and back on the track as soon as possible…