2016 AUS-X Open | Race Results

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For the second year in a row, some of the sport’s top riders traveled to Australia for the AUS-X Open in Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena and the final round of the country’s growing Supercross series. For guys like Justin Brayton and Daniel Reardon, the two-day race was just the finishing touches to their quest for the title but for Chad Reed, Cooper Webb, and Ryan Villopoto it was a chance to show their speed to the passionate Australian fans.

Brayton, who is currently without an announced contract in the United States for 2017, wrapped up his first championship in the Southern Hemisphere on the first night of racing, while Chad Reed swept both main events and gave his fellow countrymen something to celebrate. Check out the race results and recap videos below, and check back later for more from what’s quickly becoming one of the bigger races of the offseason schedule.

2016 AUS-X Open | SX1 Night One Results

1. Chad Reed
2. Justin Brayton
3. Jay Marmont
4. Cooper Webb
5. Kade Mosig
6. Ryan Villopoto
7. Daniel Reardon
8. Dean Ferris
9. Todd Waters
10. Wil Hahn
11. Chris Alldredge
12. Kyle Peters

2016 AUS-X Open | SX2 Night One Results

1. Gavin Faith
2. Jackson Richardson
3. Hayden Mellross
4. Nathan Crawford
5. Todd Wilson
6. Aaron Tanti
7. Joel Wightman
8. Kale Makeham
9. Geran Stapleton
10. Josh Cachia
11. Dylan Wills
12. Jesse Madden

2016 AUS-X Open | SX1 Night Two Results

1. Chad Reed
2. Cooper Webb
3. Justin Brayton
4. Ryan Villopoto
5. Dean Ferris
6. Kyle Peters
7. Wil Hahn
8. Daniel Reardon
9. Chris Alldredge
10. Adam Enticknap
11. Jesse Dobson
12. Jay Marmont

2016 AUS-X Open | SX2 Night Two Results

1. Gavin Faith
2. Jackson Richardson
3. Kyle Webster
4. Josh Cachia
5. Jordan Hill
6. Josh Wightman
7. Geran Stapleton
8. Todd Wilson
9. Tomas Ravenhorst
10. Kerlon Hall
11. Dale Ford
12.  Hayden Mellross