2016 Daytona SX | James Stewart Update

JS7 Hopes to race this week in Toronto

James Stewart Update

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Another setback struck James Stewart during the opening lap of the heat race at the 2016 Daytona SX, as a series of mistakes by Yoshimura Suzuki rider left him injured and unable to complete the night’s event. The crash was simple, when Stewart lost his rhythm at the start of a whoop section, cracked the throttle to regain speed, and then looped out into the last rollers. His body took the brunt of the impact, as his tailbone hit directly on the top of one whoop and his leg was landed on by the falling motorcycle.

Stewart was helped off of the track by medics and limped into the Yoshimura Suzuki pit area. He emerged moments later, hobbled over to an awaiting pit vehicle and left the venue.

Yoshimura Suzuki addressed the crash in their Monday morning press release by stating, “He was checked out in at the track's medical facility and it was discovered he'd suffered deep bruising to his lower back. Stewart hopes to be racing in Toronto next Saturday, but at this point the team says it's too early to tell.”

Stewart’s 2016 Monster Energy Supercross Series started off rough, as he sustained a concussion at the opening round and despite attempting to race a few times since the crash, has missed much of the year. The 2016 Atlanta SX was his first complete main event since 2014; Stewart missed all of 2015 due to a WADA issued suspension for testing positive for a banned substance.

Here’s hoping we see Stewart back on the track and at full-speed soon.